Volusia County Motorcyclists Ignoring Coronavirus Measures

Multiple associations in America that protect the civil liberties of Motorcyclists have requested that riders respect the emergency measured implemented by the CDC. These measures include restricting public gatherings and significant events, with the maximum limit of people allowed in one location being ten. The American Motorcyclist Association encouraged that their respective members comply with local, state and federal authorities before holding any venue or riding session.

Group activities should be terminated going forward, with individual rides also not being recommended. The Centre for Disease Control & Prevention, with the assistance of the Federal Government, have suggested that citizens enclose themselves within their residence for two weeks. The American Motorcyclist Association will be monitoring the situation and their organizers to ensure that emergency measures are followed. There are those in the community that haven’t been abiding by these conditions, while blatantly refusing to engage in sanitation efforts and dispute facts on Covid-19. These individuals are located in Volusia County.

Ignorant Behaviour Displayed in Volusia County

The Volusia County Region has a strong motorcyclist community, with these individuals often travelling to local beaches to engage in group events. It appears that the coronavirus pandemic in America hasn’t concerned or frightened these individuals. March 15th marked the date that these motorcyclists were interviewed on the Covid-19 situation. This followed after a woman in Volusia County contracted the coronavirus while travelling overseas. This 66-year-old is currently being isolated in her respective home.

Individuals that were interviewed didn’t provide genuine names to reporters. One man that referred to himself as “Doc” claimed that the pandemic isn’t something to be concerned about. Doc downplayed the fact that the coronavirus is killing individuals in their 60s or older. The remarks by this man shouldn’t be taken seriously, with these statements coming from somebody that drinks beer in public and wears a sleeveless black leather jacket with gator teeth. It should be noted that Doc believes the blood of the lamb protects him and that if he’s chosen to contract the coronavirus, Doc is dead.

When questioned on how he’s remaining sanitary during this period, Doc took two fingers from his left hand and stuck them in his mouth. He then made groaning sounds similar to those seen in zombie films. It should be mentioned that refusal to sanitize could be considered illegal in some states.

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