Underground Riding in the Streets of Philadelphia

History of Clashing with the Law

Dirt bike riding in Philadelphia is not only illegal but also considered as a huge problem by the citizens and especially police. These riders with a passion for the sport has been operating underground of illicit races for a long time. The hero and the face pinned to dirt bike racing in the city is Kyrell Tyler, known by his fans as Dirt Bike Rell. He was just one of many youngsters who learned to ride in the streets of Philadelphia. His skills and tricks were amazing, and his career in legal dirt bike racing was moving in the right direction when he was sadly gunned down in October 2014. His murder remains a mystery. His funeral was attended by more than 800 riders which blocked the streets of the city as they rode along paying tribute to this legend.

Another Clash with the Law in 2018

In October last year, a large group of dirt bike riders took to the streets of the city again in memoriam of this legend and again this became a serious clash with the police as 20 were arrested and many others injured. The streets were described as a wild scene with gangs ascending and blocking traffic and riding on the sidewalks. A wild chase followed when the police tried to protect the citizens of the city. Some feel that the Philadelphia Police is helpless in the situation and can’t stop the problem which has been part of the town for so long.

The problem Won’t Disappear

What is considered by many as a problem in the streets is an escape to freedom for many? The youngsters in the city were living in impoverished areas and stuck in horrible situations. Parks and sports grounds are often not maintained, leaving them with nowhere to go. Dirt bikes and tricks are giving them a purpose. Some of them are hoping to follow in the footsteps of predecessors who have gained fame and fortune through sponsors who have noticed their skills and abilities. The daring and skill with which these youngsters ride does sometimes result in injury or death. Still to most this is just a public nuisance which is often accompanied by more serious crimes.

Philadelphia Bike Park

Many calls have been made in the past to create a bike park for these riders. A place where they can challenge themselves and get off the street. As long as there is no place for them to ride their bikes, they will always remain on the roads and concern for all. What should also be considered is the fact that for many of these young riders, riding their bikes are giving them a purpose, keeping them busy and out or more serious trouble. It is a stress relief to many. Rather than spending the budget on clamping down on these illegal activities, maybe this should be seen as an opportunity to uplift the youth and create a safe space for them where they can live out their passion, without endangering the streets.

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