Two Grand Prix’s Confirmed for MotoGP

Dorna Sports stands as the title operators behind MotoGP, the worlds most famous motorcycle racing league. They’ve struggled to maintain their 2020 Season after the COVID-19 pandemic had worldwide implications. That’s starting to change with the announcement that Spain will hold the initial starting rounds for the revised 2020 Season, which won’t become official under the Spanish Government reviews and approves these two Grand Prix’s.

It’d disappoint Dorna Sports not to obtain approval, with the COVID-19 pandemic prompting the initial eleven rounds of their 2020 season into closure status. This included the Finnish, Qatar, German, and Dutch Grand Prix’s. After Dorna Sports workforces were told to remain indoors at their homes for social distancing, organizers began revising the 2020 Season. They determined a maximum of twelve Grand Prix’s can be held throughout the European Union from August to November.

Organizers initially had hoped the 1st Grand Prix would be held in either Austria or the Czech Republic. Logistical challenges in those nations prompted Dorna Sport Organizers to selected the Jerez Grand Prix in Spain instead. Revised selections in the location prompted their calendar days to change as well. Instead of an August start, MotoGP will begin their 2020 Season on July 19th if the Spanish Government approves this plan. An additional Grand Prix would be held on July 26th.

The Approval Process

Having these initial Grand Prix’s secured by the Spanish Government won’t be the final process in the approval process. The Fédération International de Motocyclisme will also be required to review these planned Grand Prix’s and approve the process, with FIM being the governing entity behind MotoGP.

It should be mentioned that MotoGP Organizers publicly expressed in April that holding a Spanish Grand Prix wouldn’t be possible in 2020. This followed after the Spanish Government banned all tourism and national activities. However, those social distancing measures were lifted and enabled Dorna Sports to reconsider this location. They’ve determined in their plans like Attendees wouldn’t be supported, and a maximum of 1600 personnel would be recommended. All staff would be tested daily, with Dorna Sports looking to purchase 10+ thousand COVID-19 Testing Kits.

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