TVS Motors Expanding the Norton Motorcycles Workforce

Norton Motorcycles have experienced fluctuations in their business operations since COVID-19 infected nations worldwide, including the United Kingdom. It ignited a multitude of financial issues for the motorcycle manufacturer, nearly crippling their operations. Norton would inevitably file for bankruptcy in February 2020 after having an influx of unpaid discrepancies. This included the dispersing of Pension Funds, prompting unnamed individuals on the Board of Directors to demand new management.

Investigations were issued into Stuart Garner, the previous owner of Norton Motorcycles. Details from reports indicated that this CEO had engaged in illegal activities to benefit his financial growth. Garner left the United Kingdom before COVID-19 became an international pandemic, with law enforcement looking into his whereabouts. Stuart Garner will be deported back to the United Kingdom for due processing.

The history of Norton Motorcycles isn’t defined by their last chief executive officer, with the manufacturer having a formidable history in the United Kingdom. This history predates World War One & Two, with Norton Motorcycles founded in 1898. After the despicable actions of their former CEO, the Board elected to sell a majority stake of Norton Motorcycles to TVS Motors. Representatives with TVS Motors confirmed that significant investments would be made towards expanding Norton, allowing for a substantial number of High-End Motorcycles to be developed.

New Career Opportunities

Visiting the Norton Motorcycles Webpage revealed an influx of opportunities in the “Career Section”. Engineers and manufacturing plant managers are being hired at high percentages, reaching the valuation of 150+ employed personnel. Considering that the former workforce with Norton Motorcycles was 55, it’s shocking to see the number rise by double its standards under previous ownership. It should be mentioned that Norton Motorcycles has conventionally operated with low workforces, with this being the highest valuation of active personnel seen since World War Two.

TVS Motors guaranteed that their 1st priority is fulfilling the previous orders made during 2019 & 2020. To account for these influxes of orders, TVS is considering relocating the headquarters of Norton Motorcycles to Dodington Park. It’s enabled for this brand to have a modernized production facility. Progress of this nature will allow Norton Motorcycles to expand their offerings internationally.

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