Three MotoGP Legends Inducted in 2020

Supporters of motorsport racing have been urging MotoGP to induct Jorge Lorenzo into the legends list. After considerable online support for this introduction, MotoGP confirmed that three individuals would be inducted in the following weeks. This includes Jorge Lorenzo, Hugh Anderson and Max Biaggi. Most individuals were shocked to hear that Max Biaggi was receiving placement into the MotoGP Legends, which follows after this man has had more than a 30+ year career in professional motorcycle racing.

Max Biaggi

Max Biaggi won four consecutive championship titles with multiple teams, running under the 250cc Class of the 1990s. He won between 94 – 97 and also acquired thirteen race wins with the premier class, which has become terminated since those victories. Max Biaggi would leave MotoGP following the 2007 season, joining the World Superbike Circuit. He’d see additional success in this league, winning the Aprilia Title throughout 2010 and 2012. He’s the only Italian to win this championship historically. Since that championship, Max Biaggi has retired into the test driver position. He operates the Sterilgarda Max Racing Team in Moto3, which he plans to bring to MotoGP inevitably.

Hugh Anderson

When it applies to Hugh Anderson, he was a world champion twice. He’s now nearing his eighties when finally being introduced into the MotoGP Legends. Anderson won championship titles under the 50cc and 125cc classes. He’d eventually move upwards to the 500cc class and win the 1960s 300cc Championship title. These victories were acquired within a six-year professional career, which resulted in twenty-five race victories and four championship titles.

Anderson has been quoted with saying that at first, he thought this introduction into MotoGP Legends wasn’t deserved. However, Hugh Anderson put himself into a positive mindset and become grateful for this opportunity. It made him thrilled to know the modern world hadn’t forgotten the past championship victories of himself and his generation. Considering that today’s era of motorsport racing is drastically different than the 1960s, Hugh Anderson is entirely correct that this recognition is significant for past racers.

Jorge Lorenzo

The most noticeable driver for modern era supporters is Jorge Lorenzo, who was confirmed to enter MotoGP Legends after retiring from the sport last season. He’s considered one of the most successful racers in MotoGP history, being the only individual to defeat Marc Marquez throughout the previous decade. Lorenzo acquires two championship titles under the 250cc class, another title under the premier circuit and dozens of racing with two organizations. Those include Ducati and Yamaha. Unfortunately, Lorenzo couldn’t continue after experiencing significant head injuries last season.

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