Thirteen Races in 2020 MotoGP Season

Supporters behind MotoGP were thrilled when Dorna Sports confirmed that 2020 would have thirteen official Grand Prix’s. That number was expected to be considerably smaller amid the rumours from inside sources, which indicated that the COVID-19 Pandemic had forced numerous options to become unavailable for Dorna Sports. Formula One was to maintain pivotal delegations with some locations considered by MotoGP. After weeks of speculation, unrest & concern for the 2020 season, outfits with this motorsport can begin preparing for the upcoming championship.

The COVID-19 Pandemic forced MotoGP to terminate their initial 2020 Season. The Qatar Grand Prix was slated to launch this year’s events, with that event being postponed days before it was slated to become. Grand Prix’s that were first postponed have now become cancelled, including the Japanese and Italian GPs. This extends towards the Australian, Finnish, Dutch, and British Grand Prix’s also being cancelled outfit.

Dedicated fans behind MotoGP knew that some variation of a 2020 season was slated to resume by July. This followed after Dorna Sports confirmed in April that Grand Prix’s would be continued in Spain as the Jerez Circuit. Back-to-Back Races will be maintained, with the 1st arriving on July 19th & the 2nd coming on July 26th. It should be noted that these Grand Prix’s are contracted through two corporations & haven’t received government approval, which is required to move forward. Dorna Sports keeps this factor quiet & hopes that a 2nd wave won’t prompt them to cancel their venues a 2nd time. This is a possible reality that event organizers, team outfits, and motorcyclists all hope to avoid.

Confirmed Grand Prix’s

Additional announcements were made regarding upcoming races. It was confirmed that the Brno Czech Republic Circuit would maintain a Grand Prix on August 9th for a single race. Back-to-Back venues are being supported in Austria, with the first GP arriving on August 16th. The 2nd Austrian Grand Prix is being maintained on August 23rd. Misano Circuit in Italy wan initially expected to be cancelled & lost to Formula One, with fans informed that Back-to-Back Grand Prix’s would be held at Misano. The 1st arrives on September 13th, with the 2nd following on September 20th.

Final Venues closing the 2020 Season include Le Mans & Catalan in France, with Le Mans holding Back-to-Back Venues on the October 18th to October 25th. Catalan Grand Prix will be maintained in a similar format with identical GPs being held on September 27th to October 11th. The last Grand Prix’s will be held in Valencia on November 8th to November 15th. Those wanting to witness these events should research their local sports providers, such as SkySports or TSN.

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