The Sound of Silence in Bike Racing

MotoGP is known for adrenaline-pumping rhythm accompanied by the mighty roars of the engine. MotoE is replacing this roar with a silent whizz as bikes glade by. The dream of EBike was nearly destroyed in a devastating fire in March, but in early July it became a reality at Sachsenring, Germany. This was a landmark event in the history of motorbike racing. It was however received with a mixture of emotions. One part of the crowd is loving the cleaner and greener solutions against those loyal to the gas-guzzling roars that we have been used to for so long.

A New Era in Racing

MotoE is the motorbike representation for the bike racing industry equivalent to what Formula E is to Formula 1. With no gearbox or engine, these bikes are running on batteries in silence. Something that bike racing fans and drivers alike might have to get used to. For racers, it is about getting used to all the different sounds now audible during the silence of your race. As Bradley Smith, MotoGP rider, states that he can now hear his knee sliders touching the ground.

A Fire Nearly Devastating a Dream

Earlier this year in March, a devastating fire ripped through the E-paddock. Every single bike was destroyed. The cause of the fire is still under investigation, but it left the industry with significant concern whether the event scheduled for later the year will always be able to happen. From the shock and disappointment of seeing their dreams go up in flames, rose the determination of all involved to keep the show going ahead. Nicholas Goubert, the executive director of MotoE, relied on Energica to supply new bikes as well as needed parts and tires within a short period and they delivered. Due to the commitment of all involved as well as much hard work and perseverance, it was made possible again. None of the six scheduled races had to be cancelled.

The Line-Up

The main challenge which the riders had to face was probably the fact that the bikes which they are riding sounds nothing like what they are used to. With the silence being your co-rider, you need to be focusing on other elements than what you usually did, said Sete Gibernau, runner-up of two MotoGP’s. On the tracks, viewers were also entertained by Alex de Angelis and Randy de Puniet as well as Maria Herrera, the only female rider. These riders were all racing in precisely the same electrical motorcycles as supplied by Energica.

The Future Is E

Research and development to find cleaner solutions for vehicles and motorbikes alike has already long been on the table. Now we are at a point where progress is speeding up to where it will undeniably become part of our future. With the main focus in future development being improving battery performance and making these bikes run longer per charge. The future of motorbike racing is both electric as well as silent.

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