The MotoBit Sentinel for Motorcyclists

Motorcyclists have wavered in their adoption of new technologies, believing that their vehicles don’t require enhancements. Few advancements have become supported by the community, with GPS Tracking being one of the few. The usage of diagnostic surveillance has caused older motorcyclists in the community to refuse to adopt new technologies. However, young riders have understood that diagnostics are needed to improve GPS Tracking. For those wanting to avoid GPS Tracking on their motorcycles can purchase the “MotoBit Sentinel”. It’s a wearable device that continues to break records in providing motorcycles with hazard warnings, road conditions, and speed traps.

Two motorcyclist enthusiast was the lifeblood behind the Austria-established MotoBit Company, which first developed the Sentinel Smartwatch in 2018. It requires the usage of Bluetooth Connectivity for communication with the MotoBit Sentinel application, which is available on Android & Apple handsets. Consumers that purchase the MotoBit Sentinel can obtain haptic feedback from their pocket, wrist, belt, or handlebars.

Why Should You Buy?

The haptic feedback permits unique features like alerting riders when group members haven potentially crashed or are losing notable speed. However, that’s allowed exclusively with fellow riders also have a MotoBit Sentinel Smartwatch.

Suggestions are provided to riders through the monitorization of location data, with the Sentinel detailing safer & faster routes. Tracking algorithms are based on the rider’s permissions, which then extends towards their riding capabilities & the local speed limit. Combating these three factors allows the MotoBit Sentinel to recommend motorcyclists the correct speeds, enabling for camera zones & speed traps to become avoided.

There’s also an emergency services feature with MotoBit Sentinel. Motorcyclists can select an emergency dispatcher & nominated contact to their smartwatch, and then send alerts to those respective individuals whenever a crash is sustained. That’s possible by the Sentinel supporting G-Force Sensors. It should be noted that for dedicated riders unconcerned with crashing & still wanting to reach high speeds, can eliminate this feature with an override option.

Most don’t know the MotoBit Company & their Sentinel smartphone. However, it’s become well-known amongst the community for maintaining incredible tracking technologies with encryption-level security. For riders that were concerned about data being stolen or tracked for secretive reasons, the benefit of encryption-level security eliminates those concerns.

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