The Most Expensive Motorbikes That Money Can Buy

The love for the sport, the fun and the adrenaline are often exceeding budgetary allowances when it comes to buying a bike. Even though the motorbikes on this list is not fit for the majority of biking budgets out there, dreaming is still open for everyone.

Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Fighter

On the top of the list with an $11 million price tag, this steampunk monster is undoubtedly not only outside of the budget of many, but probably also not the desired taste of quite a bit of biker all over the globe. With a chassis carved from a single piece of metal, this is an object of desire for many and lightyears away from the days when Neiman Marcus entered the market on $110 000. Truly a piece of art combined with brilliant machinery and considered to be an evolution in the biking industry.

1949 E90 AJS Porcupine

The second object of desire claims a slightly smaller stake at $7 million. Although known for a history of racetrack victories, financial strains resulted in only 4 of these being built. One of them belonging to 1949 World Champion Les Graham. An aluminium alloy open frame combined with horizontally placed cylinders provides a low gravity centre on this historical masterpiece.

Ecosse ES1 Spirit

This bike is not for everyone. When Ecosse delivered this $3.6 million bike, they requested that a two-week training session had to be completed by a professional driver before taking on the road on this monster. The rear suspension and swing-arm are attached in the back to the gearbox and front, the front suspension is holding onto the engine. Hence there is no real framework or chassis to mention. This bike performs like an F1 car, and when being the owner of this beauty, it means you are one of only ten lucky ones entering through the gates of biking heaven.

Hildebrand & Wolfmuller

With this brilliant piece of historical art, you will surely not be paying for modern technology or advanced features, but the price tag is associated with the age of this collector’s item. $3.5 million for a bike built roughly 125 years ago when this production motorcycle first appeared on the scene in 1894. Moving from the steam-engine industry to creating the first internal combustion Motorrad.

BMS Nemesis

Confusing to the eye is this motorbike without any side stand while being overwhelmingly glittery with a yellow glow. The belly is flat on the ground, and it resembles a dying whale on a deserted beach. The complex air-ride system, in combination with a single-sided swing-arm suspension in the rear, lift the body roughly 10 inches from the ground, so no need for a stand then. Before dismissing the yellow glow as too dainty for a motorbike, take note that the yellow light is from 24-karat gold. Thus making this beauty the crown jewel in your showroom of magnificent masterpieces. Considering that at a price tag of $3 million, it is probably the safest place for it to be.

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