The Iron Fist Motorcycle Club of Florence

Harley Davidson Road Glides have been seen throughout the streets of Florence, the thunderous sounds of their engines echoing throughout the canals and ageing churches. These motorcycles have taken reign over the locked-down city during the COVID-19 pandemic, with their leader supporting Italian families in need with essential items. These motorcyclists have implemented these measures for over forty days, servicing the elderly and young families in Florence.

These individuals are named “the Iron Fist Motorcycle Club of Florence”, who embraced the concept of assisting elderly and financially unsound families in the region. These individuals cannot risk leaving their homes because of the associated problems it’d bring to their respective families. The Iron Fist Motorcycle Club has obtained numerous food donations from volunteer associations and private citizens, then dispersing these products to those required. Riders that have been with this club for decades are known for peacefully riding through Tuscan Roads with large saddlebags filled with camping gear. Those saddlebags have been replaced with items like Bread, Milk, Biscuits, Pasta, Flour, Tomatoes, and Cheese.

The Founder & President of the Florence Chapter – Iron Fist Motorcycle Club, provided insight into their decision. He remarked that their contributions are indeed associated with Motorcycle clubs and that they’d initially encountered backlash from local law enforcement. All forty members in this chapter would inevitably be pulled over and searched multiple times, with each search revealing nothing but essential items for registered civilians in need.

Overcoming Disruptions with Law Enforcement

Challenges with local law enforcement were anticipated & not considered offensive. How would you react seeing forty Harley Davidson’s throughout Florence, with every rider dawning a face mask with Skulls or Demons imprinted onto them? Even local neighbourhoods were initially concerned for their safety at first. However, after multiple searches from Florence Law Enforcement, local politicians informed civilians that the Iron Fist Motorcycle Club is a peaceful entity.

Never once has this decades-old charter been listed as a terrorist or gang-related entity. Immediately after this announcement was publicly posted, their rate of booked essentials skyrocketed. Now that Italy is slowly lifting their lockdown restrictions in Florence, this Chapters president confirmed that they’d return to their previous camping adventures in Tuscany.

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