The Hells Angels

Fingered as a criminal club, some belief The Hells Angels Motorcycle Club to be involved in drug distribution and to have connections with the Mexican drug lords. The bikers ride, mostly, Harley-Davidsons. Founded just after the second world war, returning members of the armed forces looked for a hobby to relieve the adrenaline rush they had experienced on the battlefield. They found this rush by riding free and wild on their motorcycles.

As the Hells Agents culture spread worldwide, they were linked, wrongly or rightly, to organised crime and some countries such as Germany, banned specific chapters. Holland went as far as prohibiting the club altogether.

Clubs started up all over the USA, and some members were unaware of the other clubs around the States. The Hells Angels of San Francisco were founded in 1953 is well aware of the other Hells Angels Clubs from the 1940s. Other crimes the Hells Angels are accused of include extortion, prostitution, and, of course, drug dealing. Members have always denied these accusations.

The club’s colours are red and white with the emblem being a winged skull. There are many other badgers worn by other chapters with different meanings. After being banned in Holland, the Angels closed all their affiliated clubs.

The Bandidos

Started in 1996 the Bandidos have spread to 14 countries. The government of the USA suggested that they are an organised crime gang. The home is in Texas, and they are accused of smuggling drugs into the USA. Their clubs throughout the world are similarly accused.

The Outlaws

A pre-war club, the Outlaws, are thought to be the oldest bike club in the world. They are believed to be in control of drugs, leaving the USA into Canada. Enemies of the Hells Angels, there is an on-going fight for control of their territories.

The Pagans

A smaller club which started as a law-abiding group, it was taken into criminal activities in the 1970s by the then leader. Based on the Eastern Coast of the USA, it is thought that the Pagans have connections to other shady clubs and also with the Italian Mafia. Members of the club have been accused of various crimes including murder and thought to have a considerable stash of automatic firearms.

The Hells Angels and the Pagans have crossed swords and do not see eye to eye, and the Pagans have been accused of murdering their Vice-President in 2005. Some members are affiliated to neo-Nazi clubs and sport Nazi swastikas and other emblems on their leathers.

The Mongols

The Mongols are one of the smaller biker clubs in the USA, but their members have instilled fear in anyone who opposes them. Their territory is Southern California which they took from the Hells Angels in the 1980s. Known for their quick retaliation and harshness, they tolerate no opposition and deal with their enemies without fear. The Hells Angels have never been able to take the area back. The club is in an alliance with Hispanic gangs, and the target of their anger is African Americans.

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