Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

The first Sturgis Motorcycle Rally held was staged by the Jackpine Motorcycle Club and was attended by Indian motorcycle owners. The Rally has been held every year since except the Second World War years. The club still owns the track and the fields around the town and including the Hillclimb. The first event had only one race which was contested by nine riders who also performed stunts, and in 1961 Hillclimb and motocross events were staged.

The 79th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is scheduled for 2019 from August 2nd to 11th. The venue is the town of Sturgis at the foot of the famous Mount Rushmore mountains and the mountain walks, and rides will be available to visitors to the Rally. A camping ground was opened in 1961 and concerts were held which included many famous bands such as Jerry Lee Lewis, Def Leppard, Cher, Bob Dylan, Alice Cooper, Willie Nelson and Ozzy Osborne and many more.

Attendance has risen over the years from a handful in 1938 to over 500 000 in 2018! The Rally has had an enormous impact on the community of Sturgis, and the Rally brings in 800 000 USD to Dakota per annum. The Rally brings in 95% of Sturgis’s annual budget. There have been complaints from the local Indian tribe, the Lakotas, but these have been withdrawn when the income and spinoff were explained to those who objected to the amount of alcohol sold and consumed close to their sacred areas.

Unfortunately, with all the celebrations and entertainment and the sheer number of participants, crime also rides in! In one year alone, 405 people were arrested and jailed for various crimes and misdemeanours, and 250 000 USD worth of bikes were stolen!

The Daytona Bike Week

Daytona Bike Week has been held since 1937 and the 2020 event will be its 76th anniversary and should attract over 500 000 bikers and biking fans. Spectators can enjoy the spectacle of racing, street food and festivals and, of course, concerts! Unfortunately, with the celebrations, the shows, the partying, and all the excitement, there have been deaths due to accidents. In 2006 there were 20 deaths-the worst recorded – and only one in 2003, but sadly a there have been a total of 98 deaths between 2000 and 2014.

Black Bike Week

The Black Bike Week was started in 1980 at Myrtle Beach and today is attracting crowds of over 400 000. Events, like most other bike rallies, it includes racing, partying, festivals and concerts. The event, which is predominantly frequented by African Americans, has brought many racial disputes, accusations and discrimination to Myrtle Beach with the city having to expel all biking events, African American and White American alike from their boundaries, much to the delight of neighbouring towns who have welcomed the bonus spinoff to their coffers. Unfortunately, Bike Rallies have been divided by ethnic discrimination.

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