Silverstone’s Managing Director Discusses MotoGP Contract

The Managing Director of Silverstone has begun discussing the possibility of renewal with MotoGP for after the 2021 season. Stuart Pringle would be disappointed if Dorna Sports terminated their contract with the Silverstone circuit, incentivizing that their track offers the best event for MotoGP’s yearly calendar.

It’d be shocking if MotoGP wouldn’t resign with Silverstone circuit for an extension beyond 2021. Their history is deeply rooted into the British-located track, with MotoGP first debuting at Silverstone in 1976. This would occur after MotoGP dethroned the “Isle of Man TT” for highest-rated motorsport with motorcycles. Executives working for MotoGP before the ownership of Dorna Sports removed Silverstone from their calendar for 23 Years. Dodington Circuit was selected by MotoGP in 1987, with Silverstone not reselected until 2010. Their current contract has sustained an eleven-year-period & it’s unlikely to end by next year.

Stuart Pringle mentioned his disappointment in Silverstone’s lack of capability to host MotoGP throughout two seasons since 2018. The 2019 MotoGP British Grand Prix at Silverstone was cancelled after Dorna Sports located drainage issues. They’d reprehend these issues during the 2019 Silverstone GP, not anticipating that 2020 would force another cancellation amid the COVID-19 Pandemic. This was because Formula One will host two back-to-back Grand Prix’s at Silverstone in 2020, forcing MotoGP to locate another venue.

The Managing Director believes that their development behind the drainage issues will enable a contract extension. Stuart would also clarify that Silverstone offers some of the most exceptional racing to MotoGP, referencing that distances between drivers were the lowest seen in 2019s Season. That’s because Silverstone is ergonomically & aerodynamically suited for motorcycle racing, creating an abundance of overtakes.

Key Facilities & Services

Sentiments from Stuart Pringle retorqued towards the services & facilities supported at Silverstone, which are some of the most modern worldwide. It’s one of the critical components that make this British circuit desired by numerous motorsports. This makes Silverstone one of the purest venues to engage with, enabling vehicles to disperse throughout various facilities without any delays. There is also admirable maintenance equipment that far outweighs other British circuits. For these reasons & multiple others, Stuart Pringle is confident that they’ll extend their partnership with MotoGP.

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