Sepang Grand Prix Cancelled Going Forward

MotoGP Supporters were saddened with the announcement that the Sepang Grand Prix won’t be moving forward. This follows after the first four races in the 2020 MotoGP Season have been terminated with the increasing presence of COVID-19. It prompted for Sepang GP Organizers to determine what the best course of action is moving forward, expressing that the Malaysian effect must be terminated following the increasing outbreak in their country.

Rumours suggested that Sepang GP Organizers were having discussions the MotoGP, with Malaysian Fans being requested how they’d feel about the pre-season testing location becoming an official circuit under the announced ban in Italy. Unfortunately, after considerable debates, the decision to retort this offer was publicly confirmed.

The Sepang International Circuit Association’s CEO spoke to reporters regarding this decision. He expressed that the continuously updated news regarding coronavirus in Malaysia forced them to postpone any potential Grand Prix. Subsequently, there aren’t any plans to host MotoGP racers for public safety and the personal protection of athletes. It should be noted that the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization has requested that all international sporting events terminate their season. However, MotoGP Organizers have been reluctant to cancel the entire season. Hope remains that a cure will be found before the summer months.

The Chief Executive Officer finalized his statements with motorsport outlets by expressing that everyone takes the necessary advisements to ensure personal safety. He showed that all MotoGP supporters must remain strong and enforce sanitation efforts the limited spread of Covid-19. This CEO ended his remarks by mentioning that he hopes we can all watch our favourite sport shortly in the future.

Postponements & Cancellations for MotoGP

The announcement that Sepang wouldn’t host a Grand Prix to account for the postponements and cancellations in MotoGP wasn’t surprising. However, supporters were devastated to learn that the Qatar Season Opener had been terminated. This extended to postponements with the United States, Argentina and Thailand Grand Prix’s. Four rounds within the season have been cancelled or postponed, with that number slated to increase if spreading of the Covid-19 virus can’t be terminated. We’ll provide our readers with any additional closures surrounding the MotoGP or motorcycle industry as a whole. One thing’s for sure; motorcyclist enthusiasts will surely be disappointed with their minimal exposure to the sport this year.

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