SEAT Creating New Urban Mobility Options

SEAT, one of the largest urban mobility corporations worldwide, has announced their strengthening their commitment to eco-friendly transportation. This commitment will extend to the development of two new products, a fully electric scoot and motorcycle, which is slated for release in 2020. This announcement came after an official presentation at the Barcelona Smart City Expo World Conference.

The upcoming SEAT Motorcycle and Scooter is part of a broader strategy to ensure urban mobility can move beyond its standard concepts. Sustainable solutions are required for large metropolitans like New York, Rome, London, Paris and many others. SEAT is partnering with the Volkswagen Group’s Electronics Division to create a micro-mobility service. SEAT has already mentioned that they hope after developing the scooter and motorcycle, they can develop a concept car that’s eco-friendly and similar to the smart car. Ultimately, the goal is to lower emissions on a dramatic scale globally.

The Test City for the upcoming Scooter and Motorcycle will be Barcelona itself, which is an infamous European City and well known for having the most motorcycles per capita. It’s for this reason that SEAT is also including Silence Manufacturer into the partnership. This Barcelona-based Electric Motorcycle Maker and Volkswagen Group’s Electronic Division will work in unison with SEAT to develop new models for private customers and business fleets.

The Sharing Services

Subsequent from the upcoming electronic vehicles from SEAT, this corporation also maintains share riding services in major cities worldwide. Their statement as a company is to provide a collaborate, shared, and sustainable economy for individuals in Europe or North America. Their car-sharing services are maintained in Europe through Respire, with Segway Services in American Cities through the KickScooter App. Before making the electronic vehicle announcement, SEAT was going to develop a service similar to Uber for climate change enthusiasts. However, after projected numbers failed expectations, the project had to be abandoned, and the company reworked.

SEAT has also built a proof-of-concept car that works uniquely, with adapting capabilities for almost every environment. Its dynamic nature enables for more features and modes for driving, while the combination of car and motorcycle makes for a unique design that can assist in traversing large cities. Use Car Mode for the main streets, motorcycle mode for side roads and scooter mode for the sidewalk. SEAT’s ultimate goal is to create a vehicle with limitless options for consumers.

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