Scenic Motorbike Rides of Europe

Wild Atlantic Ways, Northern Ireland

Start your journey at the Inishowen Peninsular in the northernmost part of Ireland and ride down the Celtic Coast, past the Donegal Coast and on to view the limestone wonders near to Burren. This trip showcases some of the best scenery on the Irish Atlantic coast, with many historical places of interest, albeit with some small detours! The length of this trip depends on how far you which to ride. The coast has been shaped over millions of years by the Atlantic which pounds the coastline relentlessly. Many quaint (and sometimes unknown!) villages provide a great selection of Bed and Breakfast establishments and pubs to have a meal on the go.

The Amalfi Coast Road, Italy

Wherever you choose to start on this road, the SS 163, will be the right place! The winding road, often on cliff edges, sometimes along beaches or through villages, will leave you gasping at the sheer beauty of this area. If you start at the beautiful, ancient port of Salerno and ride to Sorrento, a distance of 50 miles, you will pass many magnificent villas and breathtaking cliffs and beaches. Picturesque villages line the road, some having been owned and occupied for centuries, with plenty of establishments to choose from to rest your weary body.

From some vantage points, Mount Vesuvius can be seen not far to the north. Ancient vineyards line the slopes alongside lemon orchards on the side of the road, but Bikers beware! This is a dangerous road, and special care is needed!

Senj to Prizna, Croatia

This 30-mile trip takes you along the Adriatic Coast and starts in Senj and ends in Prizna. Croatia is a relatively new destination for tourists having only recently emerged from behind the Iron Curtain and still has many sites unspoiled by developers. The ride is relatively level compared to other European trips, but care is still needed, especially during the holiday seasons. Before reaching Senj, the Lucovo Beach is well worth visiting and perhaps for travellers to cool down and to be able to say that they have swum there and have the T-shirt! There are numerous museums and castles to visit.

The Transfagarasan Highway, Romania.

The DN7C is an engineering feat – miles and miles of paved road, starting in the Southern Carpathian Mountains, with 56 miles of winding, twisting switchbacks. This road is equal to anyway in the world as an experience for any Biker. Passing through the highest mountains in Romania, the Moldoveanu and the Negoiu, be dressed for the cold mountain air!

The Furka Pass, Switzerland

The Furka Pass is found between Valais and Uri in the south to central Switzerland and, at 2431 meters above sea level, it connects Glitch with Andermatt. Built-in 1864 for the armies’ strategic use, it now serves as a tourist attraction and has magnificent views of the Alps and the Rhone Glacier. A must-see for any intrepid rider who is not afraid of the cold.

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