Quail Motorcycle Gathering Cancelled

Numerous regions worldwide have become infected with the novel coronavirus or COVID-19. Everywhere from New York City to Rural African Villages have become corrupted by this pandemic. Families from different cultures have begun implementing their respective safety protocols, which extends towards the motorcyclist community. This means motorcyclists worldwide haven’t had the opportunity to coast their local roads recently. Travelling unnecessarily would force potential fines or criminal proceedings against any motorcyclist. Furthermore, social distancing measures have extended towards entertainment venues. That means multiple motorcycle gatherings and shows have been terminated. This’ll continue to be the case until the crisis is over.

Latest Closure

The most recent closure for a significant motorcyclist gathering comes with the “Quail Motorcycle Gathering”. Details on this cancellation came from Quail Lodge Golf Club, with the Peninsula Signature Events Association confirming the closure. This follows after the federal government in America implemented strict social distancing measures. It applies to all states and cities, with health officials and federal authorities provided the required tools to enforce these measures. The Quail Lodge Golf Club expressed that their following all recommended guidelines to ensure that communities are protected.

An official statement was provided through the QLGC. They expressed that careful consideration was applied before this decision was made. Recommendations for adherence with the CDC forced us to make this difficult decision. Were devasted to inform our supporters that the Quail Ride will also be terminated. The May 15th and 16th weekend for our yearly gathering won’t be moving forward.

This statement continued with it being confirmed that the venue would return for 2021 during May 14th to 15th. Medical experts would consider this announcement opportunistic, with multiple relapses of COVID-19 expected until a vaccine is created in twenty-four months. It should be noted that ticket sales for the 2020 Quail Motorcycle Gathering will be transferred over to the 2021 venue. Statements from the QLGC concluded by noting that the safety of guests and employees is most critical during this period.
It should be noted that the United States of America has become the epicentre of COVID-19 in recent weeks. The rate of transmission and infection has grown astronomically, meaning anybody breaking the social distancing measures could face severe fines.

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