Peter Hickman Switching to Yamaha

Fans of international road racing were shocked to find out that Peter Hickman will be switching from Triumph to Yamaha in 2020. This marks the first time in three years that Hickman will be changing the manufacturer of his Super-sport motorcycle. Throughout the 2017 to 2019 seasons, Hickman rode for Smiths Racing on a Triumph 675cc K2 motorcycle. It allowed him to become the championship titleholder for the international circuit for three consecutive years, with previous victories under his belt while riding the BMW S1000RR Super-sport motorcycle.

The change was prompted by the lack of innovation with Triumph. For the last several years, the K2 model has hardly been revamped. The Yamaha R6 was the most challenging motorcycle in the 2019 season, which made the championship title for Hickman that much harder to acquire. Seeing the domination that the R6 had last year, it prompted Smiths Racing to join forces with Yamaha for the 2020 season. Smiths Racing PR noted that this decision was made due to the upcoming changes in regulations. They also provided their thanks to Triumph for being a brilliant partner and giving them an admirable racing machine.

Hickman’s Future in 2020

Peter Hickman adamantly has expressed that he’s looking forward to experiencing the Honda R6 on track. When asked how he felt about the switching of manufacturers, Peter mentioned that Smith Racing had to move forward with the changing times in International Road Racing. It should be noted that numerous teams have begun moving to Yamaha, dropping previous providers like Suzuki or Honda in the process. Yamaha is the most significant manufacturer in IRR with the 2020 season.

Peter Hickman maintains driver positions in multiple other racing classes, including the Superstock and Superbike classes. BMW will remain as the head manufacturer in these circuits, with the German Car Manufacturer becoming the primary owner of Smiths Racing in 2020. This has made numerous analysts wonder if BMW will drop Yamaha in the 2021 – 22 seasons, with an international road racing setup in development at their factories. When it applies to the lightweight class, Smiths Racing will maintain the 650cc Superlight Norton motorcycle.

The last season for Peter Hickman was one of his best in international road racing, maintaining a domination position for most of the season. This includes several victories at Ulster GP, three victories at the TT Championship, and one title at the North West 200. Subsequently, he was nominated for the 2019 Rider of the Year Award. Unfortunately, he lost to Marc Marquez.

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