2021 Kawasaki KLX Off-Road Line Unveiled

The novel coronavirus hasn’t stopped motorcycle manufacturers from unveiling their latest models. Recovering from the financial downfall associated with this pandemic is prompting these manufacturers to reveal new motorcycles earlier than anticipated, hoping to earn higher profits for the 2021 fiscal year. The latest manufacturer to release to the upcoming line of “Off-Road Motorcycles” is Kawasaki, with significant improvements being issued to this annually updated product line.

June 1st marked the date that Kawasaki confirmed four new models for the 2020-21 Season, with all four being released for July of this year. Details regarding the internal specifications of these updates’ models weren’t released in this teaser announcement, with Kawasaki confirming that additional information will be provided by June 15th. It doesn’t matter that minimal details were provided, with dedicated fans of this brand still obtaining their first look at the Kawasaki KLX Product Line.

The most notable alteration to the 2021 KLX Product Line is their naming convention system. Complex names were previously implemented with these motorcycles, making it a challenge when purchasing at local retailers. That won’t happen again with each model being separated by the difference of one letter. Consumers considering the 2021 KLX Product Line can purchase the KLX233R, KLX233L, and KLX233G. Depending on the model selected, associated prices can increase.

Those wondering how much has changed with this updated product line shouldn’t be concerned. Notable features from 2020 return into the 2021 series, including the 233cc Thumper Engine. Updates specifications with the Kawasaki KLX Product Line is its Six-Speed Transmission. 18” Wheels bolster that with ABS Breaks & an Electric Ignition. It should be mentioned though that the KLX Product Line supports a 140cc Engine Model, which is currently available for purchase. The 233cc Engine Model won’t be released until July 2020.

Price Tag

Costs with the Kawasaki KLX 2021 Product Line vary. Obtaining the baseline model will require a payment of $3,149.00 & allow riders to drive away with the 2021 Kawasaki KLX233R. Inquiring the Sister Model KLX233L will require an additional three hundred at $3,449.99 with taxes. The premium model under this product line isn’t costly, with the Kawasaki KLX233G maintaining a price tag of $4,399.00.

TVS Motors Expanding the Norton Motorcycles Workforce

Norton Motorcycles have experienced fluctuations in their business operations since COVID-19 infected nations worldwide, including the United Kingdom. It ignited a multitude of financial issues for the motorcycle manufacturer, nearly crippling their operations. Norton would inevitably file for bankruptcy in February 2020 after having an influx of unpaid discrepancies. This included the dispersing of Pension Funds, prompting unnamed individuals on the Board of Directors to demand new management.

Investigations were issued into Stuart Garner, the previous owner of Norton Motorcycles. Details from reports indicated that this CEO had engaged in illegal activities to benefit his financial growth. Garner left the United Kingdom before COVID-19 became an international pandemic, with law enforcement looking into his whereabouts. Stuart Garner will be deported back to the United Kingdom for due processing.

The history of Norton Motorcycles isn’t defined by their last chief executive officer, with the manufacturer having a formidable history in the United Kingdom. This history predates World War One & Two, with Norton Motorcycles founded in 1898. After the despicable actions of their former CEO, the Board elected to sell a majority stake of Norton Motorcycles to TVS Motors. Representatives with TVS Motors confirmed that significant investments would be made towards expanding Norton, allowing for a substantial number of High-End Motorcycles to be developed.

New Career Opportunities

Visiting the Norton Motorcycles Webpage revealed an influx of opportunities in the “Career Section”. Engineers and manufacturing plant managers are being hired at high percentages, reaching the valuation of 150+ employed personnel. Considering that the former workforce with Norton Motorcycles was 55, it’s shocking to see the number rise by double its standards under previous ownership. It should be mentioned that Norton Motorcycles has conventionally operated with low workforces, with this being the highest valuation of active personnel seen since World War Two.

TVS Motors guaranteed that their 1st priority is fulfilling the previous orders made during 2019 & 2020. To account for these influxes of orders, TVS is considering relocating the headquarters of Norton Motorcycles to Dodington Park. It’s enabled for this brand to have a modernized production facility. Progress of this nature will allow Norton Motorcycles to expand their offerings internationally.

Harley Davidson Donates LiveWire Motorcycle for COVID-19 Relief

The coronavirus pandemic has forced alterations onto the daily lifestyles of civilians, local businesses, and massive corporations. Most are doing their part to limit the epidemic by social distancing & donating to research or relief funds. This extends towards significant corporations like Harley-Davidson, who announced that they’d be auctioning off a LiveWire Electric Motorcycle. It’s become their most popular motorcycle in 2020, with this auctioned model receiving customized paint job and components.

Its standard value on the market is $45,000.00. It’s expected that $75,000.00 or more will be earned for this model. All funds received will be immediately donated to the United Way Worldwide COVID-19 Relief Fund. It should be noted that Harley-Davidson is permitting a maximum of 500 Customized LiveWire Electric Motorcycles, meaning availability for worldwide consumers is limited.

The crew behind this customized Harley-Davidson LiveWire implemented the full catalogue of carbon fibre panelling, parts, and accessories for this model. That immediately puts another $10,000.00 onto the standard cost of this motorcycle. Its paint scheme included a light green & grey, resembling classic vehicles from the 1940s. This crew finalized the customization process by putting a unique & one-of-a-kind Harley-Davidson Badge Signature onto the back panel.

The Auctions Terms & Conditions

The winner of this auction will be the highest spender, who will also obtain travel & accommodations to the Milwaukee Harley-Davidson Museum. It’s here they’ll be presented with the vehicle, upon which they’ll be provided with a private tour. The owner will then see the location of where this LiveWire will sit when they pass. One of the conditions for buying this motorcycle is returning it to the Harley-Davidson Museum, as it holds historical value on two levels. It’s the 1st customized and auctioned LiveWire in existence, which is also being done during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Whoever obtains this vehicle will be donating towards the perfect cause. The USA Division of United Way is requesting assistance from those capable. Their requests include financial aid, housing & food. Harley-Davidson will provide United Way will all three of those requests through this auctioned donation.

The Iron Fist Motorcycle Club of Florence

Harley Davidson Road Glides have been seen throughout the streets of Florence, the thunderous sounds of their engines echoing throughout the canals and ageing churches. These motorcycles have taken reign over the locked-down city during the COVID-19 pandemic, with their leader supporting Italian families in need with essential items. These motorcyclists have implemented these measures for over forty days, servicing the elderly and young families in Florence.

These individuals are named “the Iron Fist Motorcycle Club of Florence”, who embraced the concept of assisting elderly and financially unsound families in the region. These individuals cannot risk leaving their homes because of the associated problems it’d bring to their respective families. The Iron Fist Motorcycle Club has obtained numerous food donations from volunteer associations and private citizens, then dispersing these products to those required. Riders that have been with this club for decades are known for peacefully riding through Tuscan Roads with large saddlebags filled with camping gear. Those saddlebags have been replaced with items like Bread, Milk, Biscuits, Pasta, Flour, Tomatoes, and Cheese.

The Founder & President of the Florence Chapter – Iron Fist Motorcycle Club, provided insight into their decision. He remarked that their contributions are indeed associated with Motorcycle clubs and that they’d initially encountered backlash from local law enforcement. All forty members in this chapter would inevitably be pulled over and searched multiple times, with each search revealing nothing but essential items for registered civilians in need.

Overcoming Disruptions with Law Enforcement

Challenges with local law enforcement were anticipated & not considered offensive. How would you react seeing forty Harley Davidson’s throughout Florence, with every rider dawning a face mask with Skulls or Demons imprinted onto them? Even local neighbourhoods were initially concerned for their safety at first. However, after multiple searches from Florence Law Enforcement, local politicians informed civilians that the Iron Fist Motorcycle Club is a peaceful entity.

Never once has this decades-old charter been listed as a terrorist or gang-related entity. Immediately after this announcement was publicly posted, their rate of booked essentials skyrocketed. Now that Italy is slowly lifting their lockdown restrictions in Florence, this Chapters president confirmed that they’d return to their previous camping adventures in Tuscany.

Two Grand Prix’s Confirmed for MotoGP

Dorna Sports stands as the title operators behind MotoGP, the worlds most famous motorcycle racing league. They’ve struggled to maintain their 2020 Season after the COVID-19 pandemic had worldwide implications. That’s starting to change with the announcement that Spain will hold the initial starting rounds for the revised 2020 Season, which won’t become official under the Spanish Government reviews and approves these two Grand Prix’s.

It’d disappoint Dorna Sports not to obtain approval, with the COVID-19 pandemic prompting the initial eleven rounds of their 2020 season into closure status. This included the Finnish, Qatar, German, and Dutch Grand Prix’s. After Dorna Sports workforces were told to remain indoors at their homes for social distancing, organizers began revising the 2020 Season. They determined a maximum of twelve Grand Prix’s can be held throughout the European Union from August to November.

Organizers initially had hoped the 1st Grand Prix would be held in either Austria or the Czech Republic. Logistical challenges in those nations prompted Dorna Sport Organizers to selected the Jerez Grand Prix in Spain instead. Revised selections in the location prompted their calendar days to change as well. Instead of an August start, MotoGP will begin their 2020 Season on July 19th if the Spanish Government approves this plan. An additional Grand Prix would be held on July 26th.

The Approval Process

Having these initial Grand Prix’s secured by the Spanish Government won’t be the final process in the approval process. The Fédération International de Motocyclisme will also be required to review these planned Grand Prix’s and approve the process, with FIM being the governing entity behind MotoGP.

It should be mentioned that MotoGP Organizers publicly expressed in April that holding a Spanish Grand Prix wouldn’t be possible in 2020. This followed after the Spanish Government banned all tourism and national activities. However, those social distancing measures were lifted and enabled Dorna Sports to reconsider this location. They’ve determined in their plans like Attendees wouldn’t be supported, and a maximum of 1600 personnel would be recommended. All staff would be tested daily, with Dorna Sports looking to purchase 10+ thousand COVID-19 Testing Kits.

MotoGP Cancels Three Additional Races

Three additional Grand Prix’s have been cancelled during the coronavirus pandemic for MotoGP. Those locations include the Finnish, German, and Dutch Circuits. These venues were selected for cancellation after organizers revised the 2020 Season for MotoGP. These alterations to scheduled races follow after the novel coronavirus prompted organizers to terminate seasonal activities until August 1st. It should be noted that the confirmed Grand Prix’s with this refinement of the 2020 season hasn’t been confirmed.

The initial Grand Prix that saw a postponement, which extended towards an indefinite cancellation was the Qatar GP. Considering this is the opening seasonal venue for MotoGP Racers, this indicated grim announcements were insight. Additional suspensions would follow for a total of ten Grand Prix’s. It’s now being rumoured that under the condition that racing will restart in August, dual races would be held in Finland. That’d mean the MotoGP is following Formula One in its strategic design of dual-races being competed at the same circuit. Limitations in available locations will arise for MotoGP, with numerous nations extending their travel restrictions and lockdowns. New courses could be proposed for a one-race contract in unexpected countries to format a full 2020 MotoGP Season.

2021 Season Secured

Supporters behind MotoGP won’t have to concern themselves with teams leaving the sport. Unlike Formula One’s substantial associated cost, operating a MotoGP team is significantly cheaper. It’s placed these outfits into a health financial situation that can sustain itself for two years. There isn’t any implication that MotoGP teams will exit this competition. Regardless of the continuation of these teams, this cancellation of seasonal events marks the 1st postponed season in 71 years of MotoGP.

The Chief Executive Officer of Dorna Sports, Carmelo Ezpeleta, gave insight into the current situation with MotoGP. He noted that there’d been significant sadness amount the MotoGP community, which has seen all three variants of the sport cancelled. Carmelo also expressed his thanks towards the supporters who’ve shown patience and understanding during this period. It’s enabled MotoGP Organizers to breathe while figuring this situation out. Those statements were finalized with the indication that Dorna Sports would unveil the new season schedule shortly.

MotoGP Updates Virtual Grand Prix Series

Public relation representatives from MotoGP announced that the Virtual Grand Prix Series would hold two new circuits, with the 1st slated for May 3rd at the Red Bull Circuit in Spain. Le Mans in France will follow for the MotoGP Grid, with that Virtual Grand Prix’s date not yet confirmed. This announcement from PR Representatives clarified that the Moto2 and Moto3 grids would begin competing in the virtual series, with their respective venues coming before MotoGP’s. Moto3 will compete for a streaming audience on Fridays, with Moto2 riding on Saturdays. Grand Prix’s for MotoGP follow the next day on Sunday’s.

Those MotoGP Outfits competing at the Red Bull Spanish Circuit will be enabled to enter a single rider, with the exception to that rule applying towards Repsol Honda. This comes after they won the 2019 MotoGP Championship. When it pertains towards the Moto2 and Moto3 Virtual Grand Prix’s, similar measures will be enforced to connect each series. This will mark the 1st time that Moto3 driver competes under the same rules at Moto2 or MotoGP motorcyclists.

Those that witnessed 1st Virtual Grand Prix would’ve seen Alex Marquez take the victory. Driving for Repsol Honda, this infamous motorcyclist has transferred his skillsets from real-life over to the virtual space without any concerns. Though Alex Marquez wouldn’t win the 2nd Virtual Grand Prix, with that victory going towards Francesco Bagnaia, it was a formidable win after the Pramac Ducati Driver battled against Maverick Vinales from Monster Yamaha for over 10+ laps.

Supporters behind MotoGP will receive specialized streams starting on May 3rd. Instead of these Virtual Grand Prix’s appearing on the 2019 MotoGP Video Game, they’ll be switched over to the 2020 Edition. It’ll mark the 1st instance that supporters get to see the latest rendition of this long-standing video game series, which is available on PlayStation and the Nintendo Switch.

Pay Cuts for MotoGP Drivers

Supporters are concerned that specific drivers will refuse to compete in the Virtual Grand Prix Series, with these events not being deemed under contractual obligations. Refusal to fight will follow after Carmelo Ezpeleta, the CEO of Dorna Sports, announced that he’d demand drivers take pay cuts amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. This demand could prompt a significant backlash against the MotoGP boss.

The Highs & Lows of Motorcycling During COVID-19

Motorcyclists worldwide have seen their favourite pastime turn into an unstainable venture. This follows after the COVID-19 pandemic has forced global governments to implement social distancing measures. Individuals that have been found travelling at an excessive manner are fined with significant penalties. It’s prompted large percentages of riders to remain homebound to avoid costly fees. However, there are various brands still releasing new motorcycles to the market from unexpected locations. This follows after Vyrus, a manufacturer based in Italy, announced their most recent model. It’s named the Vyrus Aylen 988, taking on a futuristic design that’ll intrigue countless motorists.

Those considering the Vyrus Aylen 988 will receive an “L-Twin 1300cc Engine”, which is ported from the Ducati Panigale. New design implementations to this futuristic motorcycle include an altered front end, which still honoured their trademarked Vyrus design. Those wanting perfection with weight will be pleased with the Self-Suspended Bodywork. Carbon Fire Exhausts allow the Vyrus Aylen 988 to become lighter.

Carbon Fibre implementations extend towards the Fuel Tank and Chassis, allowing for the SSB to perform above expectations. This’ll enable better handling down the straights and in the corners. It should be noted that the associated price with purchasing the Vyrus Aylen 988 exceeds the budget for most riders. This motorcycle will cost $90k for the base-line model, reaching a maximum cost of $150k with additional upgrades.

Restrictions on Movement

New motorcycles might be released to the market, but restrictions on movement are forcing declining sales with 2020 models. Throughout March, there was a 54.3% drop in profits for the European Motorcycle Market. That percentage is expected to increase throughout April. Vyrus will spend a prolonged period selling-off their stock of Aylen 988s. However, it should be noted that this is a limited motorcycle with minimal availability. As an Italian manufacturer, Vyrus can wait the period until stock is sold off.

It should be noted that those who purchase the Aylen 988 will wait a prolonged period until receiving their new vehicle. This is because international shipping from Italy is suspended for the foreseeable future. It’s a recommendation that interested motorcyclists wait until the pandemic is over until purchasing the Vyrus Aylen 988.

Quail Motorcycle Gathering Cancelled

Numerous regions worldwide have become infected with the novel coronavirus or COVID-19. Everywhere from New York City to Rural African Villages have become corrupted by this pandemic. Families from different cultures have begun implementing their respective safety protocols, which extends towards the motorcyclist community. This means motorcyclists worldwide haven’t had the opportunity to coast their local roads recently. Travelling unnecessarily would force potential fines or criminal proceedings against any motorcyclist. Furthermore, social distancing measures have extended towards entertainment venues. That means multiple motorcycle gatherings and shows have been terminated. This’ll continue to be the case until the crisis is over.

Latest Closure

The most recent closure for a significant motorcyclist gathering comes with the “Quail Motorcycle Gathering”. Details on this cancellation came from Quail Lodge Golf Club, with the Peninsula Signature Events Association confirming the closure. This follows after the federal government in America implemented strict social distancing measures. It applies to all states and cities, with health officials and federal authorities provided the required tools to enforce these measures. The Quail Lodge Golf Club expressed that their following all recommended guidelines to ensure that communities are protected.

An official statement was provided through the QLGC. They expressed that careful consideration was applied before this decision was made. Recommendations for adherence with the CDC forced us to make this difficult decision. Were devasted to inform our supporters that the Quail Ride will also be terminated. The May 15th and 16th weekend for our yearly gathering won’t be moving forward.

This statement continued with it being confirmed that the venue would return for 2021 during May 14th to 15th. Medical experts would consider this announcement opportunistic, with multiple relapses of COVID-19 expected until a vaccine is created in twenty-four months. It should be noted that ticket sales for the 2020 Quail Motorcycle Gathering will be transferred over to the 2021 venue. Statements from the QLGC concluded by noting that the safety of guests and employees is most critical during this period.
It should be noted that the United States of America has become the epicentre of COVID-19 in recent weeks. The rate of transmission and infection has grown astronomically, meaning anybody breaking the social distancing measures could face severe fines.

MotoGP Combining with F1 in 2020

Shocking announcements were made to the motorsport’s community on March 31st. It was revealed that MotoGP and Formula One would combine individual rounds of their respective seasons when suitable. This follows after multiple races for both F1 and MotoGP have been terminated amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic. All professional motorsport racing has been discontinued globally for the foreseeable future. Decisions to terminate these respective leagues were made to benefit Crews, Supports and Drivers. It’s suspected that motorsports won’t resume until July or August 2020.

This marks the 1st time in either Formula One’s or MotoGP’s history that they’ve combined their respective Grand Prix’s. This’ll create a level of anarchy for event organizers, who’ll have to deal with an influx of guests on race weekends. It’s not known how these shared weekends will be scheduled. However, it’s speculated that Formula One would receive the Saturday & Sunday scheduling timeframes. MotoGP would operate through Thursday & Friday.

Both motorsport organizations have a Gentlemen’s Agreement, which stated that neither MotoGP nor Formula One would maintain a venue on the same weekend. This ensured that fans wouldn’t have to choose between one or the other. Considering that both motorsports share a large percentage of the same clients, it’s not surprising that this Gentlemen’s Agreement has sustained itself for decades. That’s why sporting analysts were shocked by the announced that MotoGP and F1 would share race weekends. It means the end of one of the most prolonged standing Gentlemen’s Agreements in sporting history.


The Formula One Group and Dorna Association are collectively working together, going forward. They’re making sure to reschedule their respective venues that follow in the same locations. Silverstone could find itself for the 1st time in history experiencing a MotoGP Race and F1 Grand Prix throughout the same weekend. However, some believe these are false hopes on behalf of the F1 Group and Dorna Association.

COVID-19 could become a prolonged pandemic that sustains itself through the summer. It’s prompted the cancellation of the entire 2020 season for both motorsports. Organizers cannot genuinely begin to reschedule their respective Grand Prix’s until travel restrictions, and social distancing measures are lifted. WHO officials haven’t provided timeframes on when that’ll happen throughout Europe.

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