Fan Attendance Permitted at MotoGP Misano

Italians have received their 1st confirmation of a professional sporting event that’ll permit a live audience. This follows after Dorna Sports announced that MotoGP’s San Marino & Emilia Romagna Grand Prix in Misano would allow supporters in-attendance. It’ll mark the instance a live audience in MotoGP’s 2020 Season is permitted. Limitations in what’s possible with the attendance of supporters came after COVID-19 became an international pandemic. Dorna Sports was forced to implement a multitude of protocols, including the prolonged postponement of their weekly Grand Prix’s.

Paddock safety became the primary concern, with MotoGP personnel having yet to experience an infection of COVID-19. That could change by allowing attendance at Misano. Italy was horrifically implicated by the COVID-19 Pandemic, causing a two-month lockdown of this nation. Infections are still prevalent in certain areas throughout Italy, causing concern amongst the MotoGP Grid that an unsuspecting Italian could arrive in-attendance & unknowingly be Asymptomatic.

MotoGP’s 2020 Season have experience three Grand Prix’s, with their subsidiary motorsport leagues maintaining the same locations. The difference is that Moto2 & Moto3 have experienced an additional Grand Prix over their MotoGP counterparts. That’s thanks to the Austrian Double-Header, which was held at the Red Bull Ring. Grandstands didn’t have an attendance of supporters & bore similarities to Formula One’s season opener at Austria’s Red Bull Ring. Our globes most influential motorsports both saw their 1st Rounds in 2020 be held in Austria, with both maintaining no audience.

Guidelines In-Effect

The Italian Government is complying with the requests of their leading body, the European Union. It’s been requested that “Social Distancing Guidelines” are enforced at the San Marino & Emilia Romagna Grand Prix in Misano. It’s resulted in Dorna Sports limiting the available attendance to a maximum of ten thousand visitors.

Additional requirements include spectators having to obey the “No Roaming Guidelines”, meaning visitors cannot traverse the paddock & surrounding areas. Protective facemasks are also needed to enter the Misano Circuit. Anyone found disobeying the facemask protocol after entering Misano will be removed by security. Will these levels of enforcement, Dorna Sports & Organizers at Misano hope that it’ll be enough to ensure a safe environment.

MotoGP KTM Factory Team Selling RC16 Motorcycles

Throughout the last three seasons in MotoGP, there has been one team defining its growth & entering the premier class, with that being KTM Factory. They’ve maintained numerous starts at the Front Row, obtaining a Podium-Finish at Valencia 2019. KTM Factory is now looking towards the future with their latest driver, Brad Binder. This standout rider is a MotoGP Rookie in 2020 & already performing beyond expectations. With that their future looks even brighter than it had before.

One attribute that could deter KTMs Factory Team was maintaining their bright future is the exiting of Pol Espargaro. He’s the driver that saw Red Bull’s KTM Factory Team maintain formidable success throughout the last three season. Pol Espargaro leaving for Repsol Honda in 2021 could damper their regular high grid placements, with Brad Binder filling a void that’ll be hard to overcome. Pol Espargaro faces similar challenges by becoming teammates with Marc Marquez in 2021, the poster boy of MotoGP.

Red Bull’s KTM Factory Team doesn’t have full confidence that Brad Binder will maintain the skillsets required to compete for top placements in 2021. It’s prompted the factory team to auction-off their “2019 RC16 Race Motorcycles”, allowing the MotoGP outfit to earn substantial funds that can be put towards the development of their 2021 motorcycles. Those participating in this online auction will spend a minimum of $337,000.00 USD to acquire the RC16 Race Motorcycles.

That valuation will likely be higher with that cost being the starting bid. It’s expected that whoever purchases both these motorcycles will spend more than $500,000.00 to acquire an unforgettable & unique piece of MotoGP memorabilia. The high cost is because the rarity of MotoGP motorcycles being auctioned-off is extreme.

The Ultimate Fan Experience.

There will be additional benefits to the purchaser of Pol Espargaro’s 2019 RC16 Race Motorcycle. Those include an entire set of Espargaro’s Racing Leather Suit, and one of his helmets from the 2020 season, which will also be signed. Buyers will also obtain a “VIP MotoGP Event Pack” for a 2021 Race, which will include special features above & beyond the standard package. Never before has such a fan experience been offered by a MotoGP Team, meaning the associated cost of purchasing the “2019 RC16 Race Motorcycle” is well worth it for the ultimate fan.

Silverstone’s Managing Director Discusses MotoGP Contract

The Managing Director of Silverstone has begun discussing the possibility of renewal with MotoGP for after the 2021 season. Stuart Pringle would be disappointed if Dorna Sports terminated their contract with the Silverstone circuit, incentivizing that their track offers the best event for MotoGP’s yearly calendar.

It’d be shocking if MotoGP wouldn’t resign with Silverstone circuit for an extension beyond 2021. Their history is deeply rooted into the British-located track, with MotoGP first debuting at Silverstone in 1976. This would occur after MotoGP dethroned the “Isle of Man TT” for highest-rated motorsport with motorcycles. Executives working for MotoGP before the ownership of Dorna Sports removed Silverstone from their calendar for 23 Years. Dodington Circuit was selected by MotoGP in 1987, with Silverstone not reselected until 2010. Their current contract has sustained an eleven-year-period & it’s unlikely to end by next year.

Stuart Pringle mentioned his disappointment in Silverstone’s lack of capability to host MotoGP throughout two seasons since 2018. The 2019 MotoGP British Grand Prix at Silverstone was cancelled after Dorna Sports located drainage issues. They’d reprehend these issues during the 2019 Silverstone GP, not anticipating that 2020 would force another cancellation amid the COVID-19 Pandemic. This was because Formula One will host two back-to-back Grand Prix’s at Silverstone in 2020, forcing MotoGP to locate another venue.

The Managing Director believes that their development behind the drainage issues will enable a contract extension. Stuart would also clarify that Silverstone offers some of the most exceptional racing to MotoGP, referencing that distances between drivers were the lowest seen in 2019s Season. That’s because Silverstone is ergonomically & aerodynamically suited for motorcycle racing, creating an abundance of overtakes.

Key Facilities & Services

Sentiments from Stuart Pringle retorqued towards the services & facilities supported at Silverstone, which are some of the most modern worldwide. It’s one of the critical components that make this British circuit desired by numerous motorsports. This makes Silverstone one of the purest venues to engage with, enabling vehicles to disperse throughout various facilities without any delays. There is also admirable maintenance equipment that far outweighs other British circuits. For these reasons & multiple others, Stuart Pringle is confident that they’ll extend their partnership with MotoGP.

Marc Marquez Breaks Right Arm in Jerez

July 19th brought the official return of MotoGP after being postponed for months following the COVID-19 pandemic. It proved an exciting day for most motorcyclists, with the exception going towards Marc Marquez. Jerez proved costly for Marquez after an unexpected crash forced his right arm to break. This injury comes after the reigning MotoGP World Champions shoulder was injured last season, with it finalizing the healing process weeks ago.

Repsol Honda provided clarification over the condition of Marc Marquez, indicating that their champion had undergone an operation that doctors have deemed successful. Team Media Personnel indicated that additional damage to Marc’s shoulder hadn’t been sustained. Doctors were shocked by that reality, with Marquez having crashed earlier during training & then again at the official Grand Prix. It shows the astonishing luck that Marc Marquez continues to enjoy.

After Marc Marquez flew towards the gravel & was dragged across by his Repsol Honda Motorcycle for nearly 500 metres, it’d take MotoGP Medical Staff less than a minute to assist Marc. They’d immediately fitted with a neck brace. An ambulance arrived after hightailing it down the Jerez Circuit, with Spanish Paramedics safely transferring Marquez from the gravel & into the ambulance.

Barcelona Doctors Assist Marquez

Dexeus Hospital in Barcelona couldn’t assist Marc Marquez with an innovative surgery until 48-Hours after the fracture. There reasoning is because the broken bones must 1st settle before being surgically repaired. Marc Marquez was fitted with a temporary plaster cast & armbrace from July 19th to 21st.

Surgery was performed by Doctor Xavier Mir, with his team confirming that Marc Marquez’s radial nerve hadn’t been damaged during his collision at Jerez. This guarantees that after an unknown period of healing, Marc will be permitted to return without any difficulties from Dorna Sports. It should be clarified that this surgery required the usage of several screws & a titanium plate.

The Team Boss of Repsol Honda, Alberto Puig, provided additional clarified on Marc’s healing period. Alberto emphasized that Marc’s condition will be discussed with medical professionals & his return determined by how the healing process unfolds.

Marc Marquez Fasted in FP1 Jerez 2020

The Jerez Spanish Grand Prix will take place on July 19th, launching the “2020 MotoGP Season”. Factory teams have begun arriving at Jerez to start testing their respective vehicles, which hasn’t been possible for a prolonged period amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Repsol Honda was the 1st team to arrive at Jerez after winning the 2019 Constructors Championship. Shortly afterwards, Yamaha & Suzuki would come. All three factory teams began their testing & it quickly became apparent who’ll dominate over the Spanish Grand Prix. Marc Marquez obtained the fastest time during the 1st Testing Session, which comes after months of healing an unexpected shoulder injury from last season.

The 2020 MotoGP Season was slated to begin in Qatar. However, alterations in scheduling were required after the COVID-19 epidemic became an international pandemic. All versions of this motorsport were postponed for the foreseeable future, including Moto2 & Moto3. Since conditions surrounding the pandemic have minorly decreased globally, international motorsports like MotoGP and Formula One have resumed their operations.

Nine additional teams in the MotoGP Grid weren’t provided testing opportunities at Jerez. Dorna Sports instead required that Aprilia, KTM, Pramac, Ducati, and Reale Avintia train at the Red Bull Ring or Misano. The benefit associated with testing at unscheduled circuits was a month-long period to determine what’s required to increase the pace. Teams like Suzuki, Yamaha, and Repsol Honda have been given less than two weeks.

Champion Grows Stronger After Injury

MotoGP Analysts expressed their shock towards Marc Marquez, who proved himself a formidable champion. After managing a shoulder injury for 6+ months & not being permitted to drive for nearly three months, having a pace that resembled last season was unbelievable. Over 90 Minutes of testing against Yamaha & Suzuki, Marc Marquez maintained the fastest time of 1m38.985s.

Repsol Honda Team Leaders have praised Marc Marquez for obtaining this time. Their engine unit has struggled before arriving at Jerez. It prompted some inside the team & out, to question if Yamaha or Suzuki would maintain an overall faster pace. Under these circumstances, there would’ve been the opportunity for Valentino Rossi or Maverick Vinales to obtain a MotoGP Championship.

Jorge Lorenzo Possibly Returning to MotoGP in 2021

The MotoGP Grid could have one of their formidable stars return for the 2021 Season. This follows after initial rumours suggested that Jorge Lorenzo would return to Ducati, under the condition that Andrea Dovizioso doesn’t resign with the factory team. Jorge Lorenzo confirmed on July 8th that he’s working with Ducati on a contingency plan for the exiting of Dovizioso. It should be mentioned that Lorenzo is currently a test driver with Ducati.

Both Jorge Lorenzo & Ducati Management clarified that Andrea Dovizioso is their primary choice for acquisition in 2021. However, delegations between these parties have sustained themselves for a prolonged timeframe. It’s known that Ducati will make one final effort in reobtaining Andrea Dovizioso for the 2021 season, where meeting rejection they’ll enact contingency plans with Jorge Lorenzo.

After this information became public knowledge amid the MotoGP Grid, it didn’t take long for Andrea Dovizioso to disregard any sentiments made by Ducati or Jorge Lorenzo. Andrea emphasized that he’d instead terminate his position for the 2021 MotoGP Season than be provided with a horrendous deal.

Ducati has requested that Andrea Dovizioso take a smaller salary amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Taking a similar position to notable athletes like Lewis Hamilton, Conor McGregor, and Novak Djokovic, the Ducati Factory Team Driver, refuses to consider a downgraded salary. This shows an evident lack of care towards Ducati’s interest, which will harbour resentment between both parties over the upcoming 2020 races.

Minor History on Jorge Lorenzo

Lorenzo adores racing in MotoGP & wouldn’t have left the sport if doctors hadn’t advised him to take a prolonged break. After almost a year of not competing professionally, the injuries holding back Jorge Lorenzo have disappeared. The Three-Time World Champion could find himself given another opportunity to acquire a 4th. It should be mentioned that Jorge Lorenzo confirmed that negotiations are finalized & nothing is inevitable but hopes his return is possible.

Those prevalent in the history of Jorge Lorenzo will be concerned by the possibility of this switch. His previous stint with Ducati in 2017 proved unfavourable for Lorenzo, prompting him to switch Mid-Season in 2018 for Honda. Supporters of Jorge Lorenzo hope history won’t repeat itself.

Fabio Quartararo Ready for 2020 MotoGP Championship

The 2020 MotoGP Championship arrives on July 19th, with organizers scheduling thirteen races into less than four months. This revised calendar begins in Spain, with all eyes moving towards a new driver that dominated the 2019 season. Fabio Quartararo knows he’ll be reviewed throughout all thirteen races, ensuring that his skillsets are strong enough to sustain placement with Yamaha. Motorsport reporters have begun questioning Fabio on his thoughts towards the upcoming season, with sentiments indicating a level of eagerness that hasn’t ever been seen by Quartararo.

The Green Flag in Jerez will drop shortly, with MotoGP teams having two weeks to complete their production on new motorcycles for the 2020 Season. Fabio Quartararo is working diligently with Petronas Yamaha SRT, which is the subsidiary brand to Yamaha’s Factory Team. Fabio continues to work with engineers to ensure his 2020 Motorcycle exceeds expectations, which will help ensure his placement for the next two seasons with Yamaha’s Factory Team. It’ll also help guarantee that fans of Valentino Rossi won’t immediately dismiss Fabio Quartararo for contention in the 2021/22 MotoGP Championships.

Training for Return

When questioned on what was accomplished during the lockdown period, Fabio Quartararo mentioned that he continuously worked on home-based cardio. This was the primary form of exercise available to motorcyclists during the pandemic lockdown. Fabio remarked that after the lockdown restrictions in Andorra were lifted, regular training with his motocross bike was initiated. These pre-emptive moves have enabled Fabio Quartararo to remain mentally & physically prepared for the upcoming 2020 season.

Under these conditions, Fabio anticipated that he’d recover usual pacing without many challenging to his overall lap time during qualifying. Quartararo mentioned that the one issue awaiting all personnel in MotoGP with Jerez is the weather. Conditions are different than what’s typically seen, with temperatures in April considerably lower than July. All MotoGP Teams must focus on not overheating their motorcycles while still obtaining peak performance. This challenge is hard to overcome for any team in moto racing.

The question becomes which challenge will be harder for Fabio Quartararo. Will is be overcoming Valentino Rossi’s legacy with Yamaha’s Factory Team or hurdling over different weather conditions at ever conventional & unconventional track in the 2020 MotoGP Season.

Motorcycle Live 2020 Cancelled by Full Year

Unfortunate headlines struck motorcyclists that were intending to purchase tickets for the Motorcycle Live 2020 Expo. It was announced by organizers that their venue has been cancelled & won’t arrive again until 2021. Announcers remarked safety concerns with the novel coronavirus, worrying that an outbreak won’t unfold amongst guests. Since governments worldwide have reopened their economies, it’s been found that outbreaks are unavoidable with large populations coming together in one area. Motorcycle Live Expo Organizers feel similar conditions would unfold in the Birmingham National Exhibition Centre.

Inside sources have remarked to motorcyclist magazines that COVID-19 conditions in Great Britain continue to prove unfavourable. Organizers cannot risk the safety of employed personnel, meaning the November 21st to 29th venue won’t arrive for an additional twelve months. The new dates for the Motorcycle Live Expo are November 20th to 28th, 2021. It’s presumed that the United Kingdom will have obtained a vaccine for COVID-19 by this period. Without a vaccine, there could be an additional postponement until 2022. This would have detrimental effects on the UK Motorcycle Market.

The Managing Director of the Motorcycle Live Exposition issued a public statement on their decision. Finlay McAllen remarked that Audience Interaction & Friendship Building are the two core aspects of their venue, meaning guests are near other attendees. It’d be impossible for MLE Organizers to revise their core attributes under social distancing measures, with delays on Expo availability better suited for the general safety of others.

The Reasoning

Finlay clarified that a large percentage of their visitors are regular attendees, meeting their friends & family to enjoy a weekend of motorcycle-themed entertainment. McAllen ended his sentiments by mentioning that all organizers are disappointed with the postponement but happily support the decision to ensure the safety of loyal visitors.

It should be mentioned that significant penalties & fines could’ve been imposed onto the Motorcycle Live 2020 Expo if their operations had continued during COVID-19 Social Distancing. The United Kingdom has increased its efforts to punish intolerant civilians, organizations, and companies that’ve actively participated in disobeying social distancing measures.

Thirteen Races in 2020 MotoGP Season

Supporters behind MotoGP were thrilled when Dorna Sports confirmed that 2020 would have thirteen official Grand Prix’s. That number was expected to be considerably smaller amid the rumours from inside sources, which indicated that the COVID-19 Pandemic had forced numerous options to become unavailable for Dorna Sports. Formula One was to maintain pivotal delegations with some locations considered by MotoGP. After weeks of speculation, unrest & concern for the 2020 season, outfits with this motorsport can begin preparing for the upcoming championship.

The COVID-19 Pandemic forced MotoGP to terminate their initial 2020 Season. The Qatar Grand Prix was slated to launch this year’s events, with that event being postponed days before it was slated to become. Grand Prix’s that were first postponed have now become cancelled, including the Japanese and Italian GPs. This extends towards the Australian, Finnish, Dutch, and British Grand Prix’s also being cancelled outfit.

Dedicated fans behind MotoGP knew that some variation of a 2020 season was slated to resume by July. This followed after Dorna Sports confirmed in April that Grand Prix’s would be continued in Spain as the Jerez Circuit. Back-to-Back Races will be maintained, with the 1st arriving on July 19th & the 2nd coming on July 26th. It should be noted that these Grand Prix’s are contracted through two corporations & haven’t received government approval, which is required to move forward. Dorna Sports keeps this factor quiet & hopes that a 2nd wave won’t prompt them to cancel their venues a 2nd time. This is a possible reality that event organizers, team outfits, and motorcyclists all hope to avoid.

Confirmed Grand Prix’s

Additional announcements were made regarding upcoming races. It was confirmed that the Brno Czech Republic Circuit would maintain a Grand Prix on August 9th for a single race. Back-to-Back venues are being supported in Austria, with the first GP arriving on August 16th. The 2nd Austrian Grand Prix is being maintained on August 23rd. Misano Circuit in Italy wan initially expected to be cancelled & lost to Formula One, with fans informed that Back-to-Back Grand Prix’s would be held at Misano. The 1st arrives on September 13th, with the 2nd following on September 20th.

Final Venues closing the 2020 Season include Le Mans & Catalan in France, with Le Mans holding Back-to-Back Venues on the October 18th to October 25th. Catalan Grand Prix will be maintained in a similar format with identical GPs being held on September 27th to October 11th. The last Grand Prix’s will be held in Valencia on November 8th to November 15th. Those wanting to witness these events should research their local sports providers, such as SkySports or TSN.

Mugello Italian Circuit Selects F1 Over MotoGP

Dorna Sports operates the MotoGP autosport, with their representatives confirming on June 10th that the Mugello Italian Grand Prix won’t be supported in their 2020 revised season. This follows after speculation & rumours indicate that Formula One defeated MotoGP in contract negotiations with Mugello Organizers. It’d explain why the Monza Grand Prix hasn’t been confirmed by Formula One.

This isn’t the exclusive event that’s been terminated by MotoGP for their 2020 revised season. It was also announced that the Qatar Grand Prix wouldn’t be returning for 2020, amid six other locations. Those include Germany, Holland, Finland, Australia, Britain, and Japan. Italy marks the eight confirmed cancellation for the 2020 season. It’s not known how Dorna Sports will maintain a full season under these lost contracts. The exclusive event permitted for their 2020 season is the Spanish Grand Prix in Jerez, which is slated to begin on July 19th. A secondary Jerez GP will be held on July 26th. The remaining venues under this revised schedule are slated to release before June 21st.

Carmelo Ezpeleta, the chief executive officer for Dorna Sports, provided reporters insight into the current situation. He first noted his sadness towards announcing that the Mugello Grand Prix must be terminated for 2020. Carmelo indicated that the logistical challenges associated with maintaining a race this year would’ve been impossible, involving Dorna Sports to rearrange multiple aspects of this year. Ezpeleta hopes that their return can be evoked for the 2021 season.

Additional sentiments from Carmelo Ezpeleta remarked that the beauty of Mugello is undeniable, making this closure announcement that much more disappointing. Carmelo would than thank supporters for understanding the logistical challenges associated with COVID-19, while also confirming that they’ll replace Mugello with another notable location for a stunning weekend of racing. That replacement location hasn’t been unveiled by Dorna Sports.

Tifosi Supporters Shocked

It should be mentioned that Formula One hasn’t confirmed that they’re competing at Mugello. Formula One Organizers terminating the 2020 Italian Grand Prix at Monza would disappoint thousands of Tifosi Italian Supporters. It’d mark a significant hit to Scuderia Ferrari’s home race. We’ll inform our readers if the FIA or Formula One confirms Mugello for their 2020 revised season.

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