Oakley Enters MotoGP Esports Partnership

The MotoGP eSports Championship has acquired a new partner for the 2020 season. It was announced that Oakley, the globally-known eyewear brand, will become one of the title sponsors for this eSports Series. It should be noted that this agreement through Oakley strengthens a prior partnership with Dorna Sports, the owners and operators behind the MotoGP. Oakley has become the leading supplier for helmet visors for the MotoGP, with them having the Italian Grand Prix dedicated to their advertising ventures.

The eSports Championship for MotoGP is entering their 4th season, with the Global Series becoming one of the most popular video game professional leagues. It’s not surprising that Oakley would want to grow their title sponsor, with upwards of two billion people worldwide watching eSports Competitions. This partnership enables for multiple eSports and Official MotoGP events to be presented by Oakley. This includes the Red Bull Ring, Milano and Valencia. This means that Oakley sponsors the final event for MotoGP in November.

The Global Marketing Director with Oakley Sunglasses, Ben Goss, spoke to motorsport reporters regarding this deal above. He expressed that MotoGP and Dorna Sports have done an astonishing job in making their eSports Competition one of the most popular for video game enthusiasts. These statements extended from the Managing Director for Dorna Sports. Pau Serra-Cantal mentioned that Oakley has multiple products that assist with gamers and that this partnership will become drastically important throughout the coming years.

Additional Sponsors

The MotoGP eSports Championship has slowly become more popular than its sister-motorsport of Formula One. It’s allowed for substantial sponsors on multiple levels, with their primary and title sponsor coming through Lenovo. This partnership with Lenovo provides for $558,000.00 to be earned throughout a two-year basis. That agreement is slated for re-approval in the coming months, with insiders confirming that Lenovo will re-partner with the MotoGP eSports Championship for 2020-22. It should be noted that this agreement enables for all venues under this championship to be hosted through Lenovo Laptops.

Overall the MotoGP eSports Championship maintains eight partnerships for sponsorship. The additional sponsors include Cashback World, Red Bull Energy Drinks, Michelin, Tissot and Sports Business. The average donation from these sponsors is $250,00000 yearly. All venues hosted through this championship are experienced through the MotoGP video game, with the 20th year slated to be released on April 23rd. It’ll coincide with the “MotoGP of the Americas” in Texas.

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