Norton Motorcycles Begin Crowdfunding Campaign

Norton Motorcycles, one of the longest standing manufacturers of bikes in Britain, announced that they have started a crowdfunding campaign. This comes after rumours circulating online indicated that Norton Motorcycles was losing percentages on yearly profits. This hasn’t stopped the manufacturer from working towards new solutions that will enable them to continue operations. This corporation has been operational since 1898 and is a staple in British Culture. They have a long and proud history that defined the motorcycle industry. Their skilled workforce builds each motorcycle by hand, with a management team that works extensively to guarantee the brands thriving survival.

This crowdfunding campaign comes after the corporation has received multiple backorders from 26 Territories, which has caused for major backlash with the company. Solving this issue has been challenging for the manufacturer, who crafts all motorcycles by hand. Increasing the rate of production means hiring new employees that operate in this skilled workforce, which costs substantial sums of money. Another way that the motorcycle corporation is gaining the funds necessary to resume regular production schedules is by offering a new shares program to staff, which will be limited to £1 Million in total shares. This would enable Norton Motorcycles to gain a group of long-term shareholders, while also pleasing their patiently waiting consumers.

Norton’s Promise

Norton Motorcycles has publicly recognized their delays with production, noting to consumers that they’re doing everything possible to resolve the problems. The company released a public statement that mentions their design quality has improved over the last ten years, which has developed a new niche in the motorcycle market. Norton Motorcycles noted that they produce them in low volumes, with limited editions that are all hand-built.
The exposure of global distribution across 26 Territories has caused production problems, with the company acknowledging that they have to accept new forms of innovation and forward-thinking to meet consumer demands. Regardless, Norton continues to emphasis their desire to produce these exclusive motorcycles and their goal to have customers happy with the end result.

Since the decline in production, the profits for Norton Motorcycles have declined. The corporation saw a year-by-year decline in production profits between 2018 and 2019. Their financial reports for those years saw a turnover decline of £6.7 Million. This crowdfunding campaign could enable Norton Motorcycles the chance to bounce back and return to profits. Considering that this corporation is more than 100 years old, it would be a significant loss to see Norton go bankrupt.

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