Myrtle Beach says NO BLACK BIKE WEEK

As most of you know, Myrtle Beach has been on a campaign to distance themselves from biker rallies. In late 2008, the city counsel adopted new ordinances to restrict or otherwise eliminate the activities associated with Black Bike Week and Harley Week.

These ordinances are posted on their website located Here. The header clearly states “Effective 2009, Myrtle Beach, SC will no longer host motorcycle rallies.”

I’m no fool and that message is clear and to the point. Since this announcement I have read responses from fellow bikers such as:

“They can’t tell us we are not allowed there – I’m going anyway!”
“They trying to kill our fun, well I will be there.”
“Im going to NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, because they welcome us.”

My take on this is simple. I refuse to support this monetarily. Whats the difference between Myrtle & North Myrtle really? If someone / some business / some city counsel wants to make life difficult for you – Why would you support them in any fashion?

“Oh, Im going to spend my money in NORTH MYRTLE and other parts of Horry County.”

What statement are you making? That hurts them how?

As with any business ( including city governments ), the way to get your message heard is by hitting them in the pockets.

By spending money in NORTH MYRTLE you are STILL supporting their economy. The hotels, restaurants, taxis, airports, gift shops will all suffer without the cash infusion Black Bike & Harley Week brings IF you keep your money.

“…but thats what they want! They can’t tell me I’m not allowed there”

True, they can not, but why are we so accepting of other’s intolerance?

Spend your money wisely.

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