Motorcycle Relief Project

A golden thread often running through bike riding communities are the great hearts of these men and women. Charity runs, missions and more is no strange occurrence within the biking society. One of these significant initiatives instigated by bikers is the Motorcycle Relief Project.

Not Just a Gang of Bikers

The MRP is riding for a cause. They aim to bring relief to those who have PTSD through structured rides and motorcycle adventures. Their focus is on army veterans and first responders. Founder Tom Larson is no stranger to the effects of PTSD not only on the individual but also the family surrounding them. Although his PTSD wasn’t military related, his issues brought him to do more research on PTSD issues. The statistics indicate that 8% of all American suffer at any given time from the symptoms related to PTSD. This totals to 24.4 million people. The two main groups where these issues are predominant are with army veterans who have returned from combat and first responders who are exposed to traumatic events due to their line of work. The result is an enormous emotional toll on these people.

Why Riding?

During his PTSD symptoms, Larson felt that when he was riding on his bike, the symptoms subsided for a bit. Then when he noticed a picture in a biking magazine of riders in the woods, looking like they are having the best of times, he realized at that moment this can be a form of therapy. This was when it all started, and by now they have helped more than 150 veterans and first responders, bringing the needed change and relief in their lives as well of those of their families.

Veteran Rides

Rides are usually a 5-day dual-sport bike tour. These tours are designed to bring not only relief to veterans, but also teach them skills and techniques to deal with their symptoms. These journeys include some on-road riding as well as some off-road riding. They take scenic routes through forest areas and explore nature. Accommodation is provided on these tours, frequently in log cabins. A biker leads the tour in front, and if you don’t have a bike, one will be provided for you. Conversations around the fire, turn into therapy, and the results are life-changing.

More Tours

The first responder’s rides are aimed at providing support for those who are regularly exposed to traumatic events regardless of whether they are law enforcement, EMS, or working for the fire department. These events are part of their daily lives. Hence support should be directed in a manner in which it can be provided continually. They aim to get a women’s ride organized annually. This is to assist women with symptoms of PTSD and depression.

The MRP is a registered NGO and needs your assistance to be able to provide this much-needed relief. If you feel the need to help by giving recognition to these heroes of our everyday lives, it would be much appreciated. You can find out more about how to get involved on the MRP website.

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