Motorcycle Live 2020 Cancelled by Full Year

Unfortunate headlines struck motorcyclists that were intending to purchase tickets for the Motorcycle Live 2020 Expo. It was announced by organizers that their venue has been cancelled & won’t arrive again until 2021. Announcers remarked safety concerns with the novel coronavirus, worrying that an outbreak won’t unfold amongst guests. Since governments worldwide have reopened their economies, it’s been found that outbreaks are unavoidable with large populations coming together in one area. Motorcycle Live Expo Organizers feel similar conditions would unfold in the Birmingham National Exhibition Centre.

Inside sources have remarked to motorcyclist magazines that COVID-19 conditions in Great Britain continue to prove unfavourable. Organizers cannot risk the safety of employed personnel, meaning the November 21st to 29th venue won’t arrive for an additional twelve months. The new dates for the Motorcycle Live Expo are November 20th to 28th, 2021. It’s presumed that the United Kingdom will have obtained a vaccine for COVID-19 by this period. Without a vaccine, there could be an additional postponement until 2022. This would have detrimental effects on the UK Motorcycle Market.

The Managing Director of the Motorcycle Live Exposition issued a public statement on their decision. Finlay McAllen remarked that Audience Interaction & Friendship Building are the two core aspects of their venue, meaning guests are near other attendees. It’d be impossible for MLE Organizers to revise their core attributes under social distancing measures, with delays on Expo availability better suited for the general safety of others.

The Reasoning

Finlay clarified that a large percentage of their visitors are regular attendees, meeting their friends & family to enjoy a weekend of motorcycle-themed entertainment. McAllen ended his sentiments by mentioning that all organizers are disappointed with the postponement but happily support the decision to ensure the safety of loyal visitors.

It should be mentioned that significant penalties & fines could’ve been imposed onto the Motorcycle Live 2020 Expo if their operations had continued during COVID-19 Social Distancing. The United Kingdom has increased its efforts to punish intolerant civilians, organizations, and companies that’ve actively participated in disobeying social distancing measures.

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