Motorbike Clubs of The World

Since the Second World War motorbiking has become a popular sport as the War introduced many men to biking. Returning soldiers found it difficult to settle down to a healthy life, having spent the last few years in combat. The motorbike gave them back a sense of freedom and excitement. Army surplus put the bikes at a reasonable price so that many men could enjoy the comradery. Amongst the most popular bikes in the USA were the Harley Davidsons and the Indians. In the rest of the world, the bikes of choice were the Triumphs, the BSAs and the Norton’s amongst others.

Movies featuring a host of names like Steve McQueen, Charles Bronson, Marlon Brando and Lee Marvin in the Great Escape, The Wild One and Easy Rider also popularised the biking lifestyle. Unfortunately, the image created by the biking fraternity and the high unemployment post-war lead to the formation of biker gangs and these gangs soon started criminal activities such as drug running and dealing. This then led to gang fights, which very often led to unfortunate injuries and even death.

Some of these gangs still exist today and are the bane of law enforcement lives. Groups were at their most active in the USA, while, although the rest of the world did experience some unlawfulness amongst bikers, most clubs that were formed enjoyed peaceful and harmless existences. Today clubs are helping the communities by reporting crimes, undertaking charitable rides (toys for underprivileged kids) and generally quiet occupations.

The Harley-Davidson Group

The Harley-Davidson Group (the HOGs) was established in 1983 by the Harley-Davidson Company to promote their products and their merchandise. The club has exclusive access to some of the Companies apparel. There are over 1 million members worldwide.

The Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club

The Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club which was formed for African Americans who ride bikes bigger than 750cc’s. There are 97 chapters of over 2000 members who participate in charitable activities such as providing food and necessities to needy families.

The Motor Maids

As the name implies, the club was started for members of the fairer sex! The club was established in 1940 and promoted safe riding amongst females who also enjoy trips around the country.

The Darwin Rebels

This club is for riders needing more than “legal” excitement in Australia. Police have, on numerous occasions, had to step in to calm things down. Prospective members should check the club’s activities before becoming members.

Other clubs

Night Wolves; started in Russia, the club has spread worldwide and has a membership of 11000. Combat Veteran Motorcycle Association; founded for American ex-servicemen for the support of less fortunate colleagues including shelter, and meals.

Boozefighters; one of the oldest clubs, it was started in 1946 and has spread from the USA to the Far East and Europe. Classic Motorcycle Club; this club is for vintage and older bikes whose owners need technical advice and provides an extensive library of books, magazines and manuals.

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