MotoGP Gone in South Africa

Sports streaming platform DAZN has been awarded the rights to steam three of the world’s top motorcycle racing series for the 2020/2021 seasons to the Italian market. The deal will include the Mot0 3, Mote 2 and MotoGP series and will include the company providing its own team for commentary of the events. The company currently in possession of the pay-per-view TV rights, Sky Italia will retain its rights to broadcast the races as part of the deal it has in place through to the end of 2021. The 2020 MotoGP season encompasses twenty races begin on the 8th of March and conclude on the 15th of November.

Veronica Quattro, the executive vice president of DAZN Southern Europe, while commenting on the deal, stated “MotoGP competitions are pure adrenaline, emotion and courage and we will tell them with our usual direct and immediate language that will bring the fan to the centre of the stage.”

DAZN Popularity in Italy

DAZN popularity in Italy is somewhat limited based on recent results released from a study from Lega Calcio relating to market conditions in the country. It reported and many are not willing to pay the price of a subscription service, and that resulted in the company entering into an agreement with the Price, a market sharing app that allows users to share their accounts with up to five people.

While that is good news for DAZN and its users, there is a certain degree of optimism for the Italian television platforms, who currently having market share in the country. Sky Italia currently has 4.7 million subscribers and it estimated to see that number surpass the 5 million mark this year. However, what is evident by the report is the importance of the motorcycle series and having rights to broadcast it as DANZ found out when it lost the series previously and saw almost 1.2 million subscribers cancel their subscriptions.

MotoGP Gone in South Africa

In the South African market, the broadcasting rights have been lost by Telkom South Africa, a wireless phone company that caters the SA market, is planning on laying off 3000 employees. That number represents 20% of its workforce and is resultant on the dominance of its competitors, MTN and Vodacom and that of the changes that are being seen in the South African marketplace.

Speaking on the economic impact for the company and business in general in South Africa, the company stated “Besides the difficult macroeconomic environment confronting all companies operating in South Africa – where GDP per capita is declining because economic growth is lagging population growth – Telkom is having to reposition itself amid fundamental changes within the telecommunications industry. At the same time, Telkom has seen a sharp decline in fixed-voice and interconnection revenues across the group as customers shift towards new technologies, such as fibre to the home. This trend will continue.”

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