MotoGP Champion Discusses Recovery

The reigning champion of the 2019 MotoGP Campaign has begun discussing his recovery, which comes after Marc Marquez experienced a significant injury at the 2nd Grand Prix for the 2020 Campaign. After breaking his arm, the Repsol Honda driver is being sidelined until October. This means Marc Marquez can’t become the 2020 MotoGP Champion, creating excitement for thousands of fans but disappointment for so many others.

Marc Marquez showed his dedication towards MotoGP after attending the first Grand Prix of 2020, where a crash would be sustained during Qualifying & force Marquez into immediate surgery. A titanium plate what inserted into his arm 24-Hours after the initial impact, and was later found to have been installed incorrectly. That’s why Marquez had a secondary crash at the 2nd Round of Jerez 2020, creating additional damage & forcing the champion out for MotoGP’s remaining Grand Prix’s.

There was hope that Marc Marquez would return for the Italian Grand Prix in September, with doctors believing that the Champs injuries would heal before Misano. After learning that Marquez’s titanium plate had been incorrectly placed & created additional damage to the driver, that timeframe was re-evaluated. It’s now expected that Marc Marquez won’t return until the “Grand Prix of Europe at Circuit Ricardo Tormo” on November 8th. That would give Marquez three Grand Prix’s to rally points in the championship, something impossible for the reigning champion to reacquire.

The DAZN Sports Interview

When questioned by DAZN Spain on how being sidelined in 2020 feels, Marc Marquez noted that watching MotoGP from his sofa has been challenging & that he’d rather be on the paddock. The Spaniard did note that it’s an associated risk to his career and that after eight seasons in MotoGP, a strange season full of unexpected problems was inevitable. Marquez finalized his statements with DAZN Sports that he’ll continue to follow the advice of doctors until returning to racing. This comes even after previous recommendations from the same medical staff were incorrect & forced Marquez to experience potentially lifelong damage to his right arm. We’ll keep our readers updated on when Marc Marquez will return to Repsol Honda in 2020.

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