MotoGP Cancels Three Additional Races

Three additional Grand Prix’s have been cancelled during the coronavirus pandemic for MotoGP. Those locations include the Finnish, German, and Dutch Circuits. These venues were selected for cancellation after organizers revised the 2020 Season for MotoGP. These alterations to scheduled races follow after the novel coronavirus prompted organizers to terminate seasonal activities until August 1st. It should be noted that the confirmed Grand Prix’s with this refinement of the 2020 season hasn’t been confirmed.

The initial Grand Prix that saw a postponement, which extended towards an indefinite cancellation was the Qatar GP. Considering this is the opening seasonal venue for MotoGP Racers, this indicated grim announcements were insight. Additional suspensions would follow for a total of ten Grand Prix’s. It’s now being rumoured that under the condition that racing will restart in August, dual races would be held in Finland. That’d mean the MotoGP is following Formula One in its strategic design of dual-races being competed at the same circuit. Limitations in available locations will arise for MotoGP, with numerous nations extending their travel restrictions and lockdowns. New courses could be proposed for a one-race contract in unexpected countries to format a full 2020 MotoGP Season.

2021 Season Secured

Supporters behind MotoGP won’t have to concern themselves with teams leaving the sport. Unlike Formula One’s substantial associated cost, operating a MotoGP team is significantly cheaper. It’s placed these outfits into a health financial situation that can sustain itself for two years. There isn’t any implication that MotoGP teams will exit this competition. Regardless of the continuation of these teams, this cancellation of seasonal events marks the 1st postponed season in 71 years of MotoGP.

The Chief Executive Officer of Dorna Sports, Carmelo Ezpeleta, gave insight into the current situation with MotoGP. He noted that there’d been significant sadness amount the MotoGP community, which has seen all three variants of the sport cancelled. Carmelo also expressed his thanks towards the supporters who’ve shown patience and understanding during this period. It’s enabled MotoGP Organizers to breathe while figuring this situation out. Those statements were finalized with the indication that Dorna Sports would unveil the new season schedule shortly.

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