Moto2 Rider Contracts COVID-19

International sports were gridlocked for months when the COVID-19 epidemic was declared a pandemic, affecting all nations worldwide. After numerous delegations with world government & sporting organizers, international sports have resumed their standard operations. This applies towards Formula One, MotoGP, Moto2, and Moto3. Few drivers in these respective motorsports have been infected with the coronavirus.

Formula One has experienced one infection with Sergio Perez from Racing Point. For a prolonged period, none of the Moto Series had seen positive COVID-19 tests. That was until September 16th. It’s been revealed that Jorge Martin from the Red Bull KTM Moto2 Team has contracted the coronavirus. Receiving the positive test has placed Jorge Martin into immediate isolation for two-weeks, with all KTM teammates that had contact with the Moto2 driver being tested.

It’s suspected that Jorge Martin contracted COVID-19 from a cameraman at the Czech Grand Prix. Medical experts interviewed the cameraman, who’d reveal that he’d been filming inside the Red Bull KTM garage before learning of his infection. This cameraman proved that he was wearing the required gear and that Jorge Martin had walked closer than two metres in his vicinity. It’s an incident that requires no punishment to either Jorge Martin or the unnamed cameraman. Merely a series of unfortunate events.

It should be mentioned that a multitude of COVID-19 Safety Measures is engaged with MotoGP, Moto2, and Moto3. Medical experts have guaranteed that in-place protocols can’t guarantee the protection of employed personnel & athletes. Investigations into Jorge Martins contraction revealed that the cameraman obeyed his restricted access, wore the required protective gear, and didn’t break his social bubble.

Championship Loss for Martin

Jorge Martin wasn’t the exclusive individual to contract COVID-19 at the Czech Grand Prix. An engineer mechanic working for an unnamed team tested positive for the coronavirus. Jorge Martin and the unknown mechanic, both Asymptomatic. This means that Jorge will make a full recovery without two weeks but will lose an influx of championship points. It isn’t very reassuring for the KTM Moto2 Driver, who is a notable contender to win the 2020 championship. He’s eight points behind Luca Marini, the championship leader. That’s expected to jump by twenty to thirty points.

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