Metal Epoxy is a Must for your Enduro Kit

Metal epoxies have become popular in just about all trades and small jobs at home. You can’t always weld or brace something that might have paint around it or consists of a metal you don’t have the right welding equipment for.

Then there are those situations where you just aren’t close to a welder, which is usually the case when your bike breaks down while riding. Unfortunately, these endure bikes aren’t indestructible, even as strong as they are. Therefore, it’s well worth taking some metal epoxy with that can be mixed wherever you are to fix whatever it is broke.

Below, we look at some popular applications where metal epoxy can be used to provide a long-lasting fix. Some of the repairs might only be enough to get you home while others can be fixed for good with some metal epoxy.

Engine Casing

You can have as many covers and cages as you’d like, there always seems to be that one rock or strong stick that pokes through to break something offer that stops you in your tracks. Having a break in the casing or on the gearbox takes you out the game instantly and usually means you need to push the bike home or to your car.

This isn’t always possible, especially on those runs that go through narrow paths or that are more than just a few miles from home or your car. Luckily, you can use epoxy to repair engine cases well enough to keep the oil inside. It creates an incredibly strong bond with the metal, allowing you to easily repair the casing to a point where you can ride again. You’ll need to ensure all the oil is removed from the broken surface as most epoxy mixtures don’t stick to oil at all. You’d also need to get it as clean as possible, remove all the dirt and get the metal as clean as possible.


Snapping chains are common with enduro rides, especially those bikes that don’t have chain and sprocket guards. Once again, metal epoxy is strong enough to repair a chain well enough to get you going again. However, this wouldn’t be a permanent fix, but it will last well enough to help you get home.

Once again, clean off any wax or oil on the chain, apply the epoxy and be sure to leave it long enough to sure. Also, ensure you carry the right epoxy as some products can take up to 24 hours to cure. Sure, those are stronger, but you can’t exactly wait that long. Luckily, there are some products that cure within an hour.

Anything Else

It doesn’t matter what needs fixing on your bike, if it is metal, you’ll be able to use epoxy to get the job done. Whether you need to seal a leak in the exhaust or even a break in the gas tank, steel epoxy is the way to go for the durable fix.

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