Marquez Injures Shoulder During Testing

There is nothing more terrifying than following off a motorcycle at any rate of speed. Unfortunately, Marc Marquez had to experience this horrendous situation on November 26th during a testing session. The MotoGP Racer was testing the new ’20-Spec RC213V Motorcycle in the morning. There were several damp patches littered throughout the track, where Marque hit one of them while running wide in the Lorenzo Hairpin. The crash was relatively low speeds for the driver, but still causes for an awkward landing and forced an injury onto his shoulder. Marc Marquez was immediately taken to the local medical facility for evaluation, where he would be cleared a few hours later.

The incident was explained in full by Marquez. He noted that the crash was his mistake by going wide into the 5th, 9th and 13th corners. While speaking with reporters he mentioned that be going giving up the lap and going wide, his pace was slow. Unfortunately, he lost the front and landed into the gravel. Marc confirmed that this caused for subluxation in his shoulder.

Surgery Forces Marc Marquez to Finish Weekly Testing

Marc Marquez has faced significant issues throughout the 2018 and 2019 Seasons when it pertains to his left shoulder. It has continuously dislocated, requiring the driver to receive extensive surgery over the off-season break. It’s unknown how this incident will affect the prolong healing of his extensive surgery. This also marks the second crash for Marquez in less than two weeks, where he also took a significant fall during the Valencia Testing last week. The failure of the new engine prompted his first fall during the testing period.

Continuing his comments with reporters, Marquez mentioned that the difference between the test programme motorcycle and his ’19 Model was the chassis. Marc confirmed that the team is looking into the concept that this new chassis was the error that prompted his crash. However, Marquez feels like this is a waste of resources and believes its entirely his fault. Regardless, it’s essential to determine if the grip was altered or if conditions couldn’t be handled because of the new chassis.

Marc Marquez proceeded to not participate in the following testing sessions throughout the next day, as the weather was slated to be worse than the day before. From all accounts, the testing period for Honda’s Marc Marquez is seemingly off-pace. There hasn’t been any confirmation if the surgery will prompt Marc Marquez to miss the 2020 opening race.

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