Maintaining Your Air Filter

Air filters are crucial on your dirt bike. It needs to keep sand, dirt, pebbles and any other foreign materials out of your engine. It protects the longevity of your bike and keeps it performing as it should. Your motorcycle needs a steady flow of air and mud cakes on your filter is not helping here. Proper maintenance on your air filter avoids repairs on expensive parts, as well as a lack of power and performance and high gas usage.

The terrain you prefer to ride will determine the intervals of your air filter maintenance. After a trip on dunes, it is recommended to do a decent clean-up, to avoid future damage. Otherwise, every 2 – 4 visits are suggested. The process is relatively simple and easy, so instead stick to regular maintenance than regular repairs.

The air filter is usually situated underneath your seat on a dirt bike. Start by cleaning the box to avoid any dirt falling into the air intake when you take off the filter. To prevent anything falling in while it is open during the cleaning process, you can stuff a piece of clean cloth into the hole to block it off.

Depending on what oil you used previously you can either rinse the sponge filter in a bucket of warm water with some washing powder or if this is not cleaning it, you might have to rinse it in some mineral oil to clean it out first. Do not use petrol to rinse the sponge filter. This might potential dissolve it. After cleaning it with oil, you can wash it then in warm water and soap. It is also an excellent time to inspect it for holes or tears. Don’t re-use a damaged sponge. New filters are a small price to avoid much more expensive damage later on. Always wear gloves. Some latex gloves should be beautiful. Constant exposure to these chemicals is inadequate for your health in the long run. When done, squeeze the excess water out and let it dry until completely dry.

As long as that is happening, you have time to clean out the box. Now is an excellent time to get rid of any dirt or mud stuck where it doesn’t belong. When the filter is completely dry, it is time to oil your filter. There are many ways to do this, but one of the most natural options is to pour the clean oil into a plastic bag and then add your filter into it. With some good squeezes and a proper massage, the oil will penetrate the entire area. When you are done, give the sponge a couple of last rinses to get rid of extra oil and set to dry for about 30 minutes.

Apply some grease around the rim before you screw the filter back on. Make sure that there is a proper seal around the air box flange. Then you can put the sponge back on. Cleaning the air filter is a simple, easy and cheap process to protect your bike and to keep its performance in check.

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