Learning How to Wheelie

One of the most desired tricks for any beginner is learning how to pick up the front wheel and controlling the power for as long as possible. We have all seen the funny videos of people trying to learn the art of a wheelie only to find themselves falling off the bike or completely flipping it backwards.

Of course, none of us want to be in those videos or flip the bike in front of our friends or even worse, the club. Well, if you take the time and practice, you will find most ringed the wheelie is actually very easy as the bike allows you to take full control as long as you stay focused and consider all the possibilities.

Below, we look at the steps of performing a wheelie and how you can go from being an admirer to getting your own front wheel up in the air or impress everyone.

What Bike You Need

Many people make the mistake of using a big superbike to perform their first wheelie or attend to it at least. This is the worst possible way to start as the bike is heavy, has a lot of power and can be extremely intimidating when you try to do stunts such as wheelies.

To get started, it is recommended to use a smaller bike such as a 125 or even 250 dirt bike. These have a lot more power than you think and are more than capable of lifting the front wheel, some even without using the clutch. The benefit of these bikes is that they weigh a lot less, some more than 200 lbs less than superbikes, making them easier to control and they are not as intimidating.

Where to Start

Get ready by pitting on the right protective gear and your helmet. It is best to go to a quiet road or even a dirt road where there aren’t any obstacles or trees nearby. The more space you have to make mistakes, the better as this will avoid you getting hurt on your first few tries.

Before you begin to try wheelies, take the bike for a spin and get used to when it delivers power. If you are borrowing a dirt bike from a friend, you’ll have to spend at least half an hour just getting used to the bike, especially 2 strokes with their sudden power peaks.

Practice Wheelies

Once you got the bike all sorted if you want to start with the most difficult wheelies as these will give you the best technique and the best results. Depending on how much power the bike has, start in first or second gear and move slowly. Always be sure to keep your foot on the back break ready to catch the bike if the wheelie goes too far.

In the beginning, you just want to of the touch while giving it a bit of juice, just enough to get the front wheel all the ground and back down. Do this as often as possible and find your comfort zone before giving more gas as you did to touch and get the front wheel higher.

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