KTM Super Adventure Series Leaked for 2021

Informative sources are provided pre-emptive notice when products are releasing for the upcoming quarter. It enables reviewers employed by news outlets to assess that vehicle & accurately inform readers of the best or worst qualities surrounding that motorcycle. There are instances where outlets accidently release their reviews prior to that corporate entity announcing their latest model. That’s been witnessed again with KTMs Super Adventure Series. An accidental publication saw the following motorcycles announced:

  • The KTM Super Adventure 1290-R.
  • The KTM Super Adventure 1290-S.

After learning an approved outlet accidentally released their publication early, pages were removed to guarantee the information didn’t spread. Removal wasn’t fast enough & allowed multiple sources to report about the upcoming models. Details regarding internal specifications, external aesthetics, and employed materials have been provided through the leaked publication.

Aesthetic designs implemented into these latest motorcycles from KTM include a protruding exhaust system, which was forced following the emission standards implemented by the European Union. Additionally, changes cleared for the aesthetics include updated headlamps, two catalytic converters, and twin radiators. It allows these models to appear fiercer & stronger than their 2020 counterparts. Other aesthetic changes that also benefit internal combustion, speed, and handling include:

  • Pankl Transmission Gearboxes.
  • Trellis Chrome-Molybdenum Steel Frame.
  • Steering Head at 0.6-Inches & Swingarm at 0.6-Inches longer.

Internal components that’ll assist riders with a multitude of riding benefits. Details regarding which models are receiving certain components hasn’t been issued. Certain reports indicate it’ll by the KTM Super Adventure 1290-R that sustains cruise control, with the S-Model permitting manual control. Under the pretense that one model support manual riding, KTM has provided Brembo brakes & Brembo suspension into both motorcycles. This supports enhanced driving capabilities while cornering. An official announcement hasn’t been given by KTM, but it’s expected that these motorcycles will release before Spring 2021 to European & American clientele.

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