KTM Angers MotoGP Grid with Engine Development Announcement

The Aprilia & KTM MotoGP teams have been granted a special exemption from the “Engine Development Freeze 2020-21”. This means that engineers can continue development on their imposed upgrades, with the majority of MotoGP teams not being granted the same privilege. Dorna Sports confirming this announcement puts Honda, Ducati, Yamaha, and Suzuki at a notable disadvantage for the upcoming 2021 Campaign. It also goes directly against a signed agreement between all MotoGP teams, which stated that all manufacturers would freeze the development of upgrades for cost-saving measures. Aprilia & KTM have abandoned that signed agreement.

Several manufacturers in the MotoGP have grown angry over the confirmation that Aprilia & KTM have been exempted from the agreement. There wasn’t prior notice given to the several contesting manufacturers, which goes against Dorna Sport & MotoGP protocol. Inside sources than attended the meeting where KTM and Aprilia were granted exemption noted that both teams are creating advanced power units for the upcoming season. Sources suggest pacing of their upgraded engines will be unlike anything previously seen in MotoGP. This will make it impossible for championship drivers Marc Marquez & Valentino Rossi to compete admirably in the 2021 MotoGP Campaign.

Revelations Revealed

KTM & Aprilia responded to the backlash seen on August 28th to 30th, revealing that the original proposal from the MotoGP Manufacturers Association was to allow the continuation of their development. KTM & Aprilia felt forced into signing the second agreement, requesting that Dorna Sports abide by the first proposal. The Grand Prix Commission Association also got involved in this matter, revealing that they’ll impose fines onto KTM & Aprilia.

The GPCAs press release indicated that any MotoGP manufacturers that don’t meet the agreed-upon concessions for the 2021 Campaign would be imposed fines. Homologation regulations will be present, with technical directors for the Grand Prix Commission Association promising their appearances at all 2021 MotoGP events. This means that KTM & Aprilia will payout notable fines for refusal to abide by the “2021 Engine Development Freeze”. Dorna Sports appears the only entity that’s standing behind KTM & Aprilia, with the MotoGP Manufacturers Association and Grand Prix Commission growing unforgettable hated to these outfits. Rulebreakers aren’t permitted in the exclusive MotoGP Series.

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