Keeping your Dirt Bike Newer for Longer

While most focus on maintaining the mechanical parts of their dirt bikes, there’s a lot more to keep your bike looking and running new. Whether it’s the deep blue colors of a Yamaha, the bright orange of a KTM, the yellow of Suzuki or even your design. There’s something about the appearance of a dirt bike that makes it stand out and look great.

Keep your bike looking new and younger for longer. There are a few things you can do, which doesn’t only keep it in great shape, but ensures you get top dollar when you sell it and you’ll save massive amounts on replacing plastics, stickers and more.

Clean it Properly – Every Time!

It’s a lot of fun taking the bike out all day, getting it full of dust, mud and all types of other dirt you come across along the way. Unfortunately, these have a severe effect on how long your bike looks new, especially when you don’t clean it afterwards.

Luckily, there are many ways to keep the bike in tip-top shape and super clean without spending the whole day cleaning it. There are loads of special foams and sprays that are available online and at most retailers that merely require you to spray it on, leave it for a couple of minutes and use the hose to rinse it off.

These sprays are concentrated to get the toughest muds loose and also getting into the tightest spots to get out all the dust. Not only does this keep the bike clean and keep your plastics looking good by getting the dirt out of fine scratches. It also helps keep the bike in good running condition, not to mention a much easier job when it comes to maintaining the bike.

The high-pressure cleaner is another great addition as they make it a lot easier to remove even more dirt, especially in combination with the sprays and foams. Be careful with these though and try to keep the pressure away from electrics and the chain as too much pressure might damage your seals and remove the lubrication needed to make it run smoothly.

Use Traction Pads and Clear Vinyl

Stickers and plastics can be expensive, especially if you like keeping your bike in top shape with a few scratches and marks as possible. The best way to keep both the plastics and stickers looking new without forking out money for new ones would be to use traction pads or clear vinyl.

Traction pads are the most recommended as they are a lot thinker and serve an additional purpose as they allow you to grip onto the bike better while you ride, which is essential for just about any obstacle.

Clear vinyl is excellent for the areas where you don’t have traction pads. You can’t see these, allowing the graphics and colours of your stickers to remain the star of the slow. The great thing is, once the bike looked a little tired and scratched, peel off the clear vinyl, add a new one and it will be looking as good as new in no time.

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