Keeping Your Dirt Bike Looking New

Companies such as Honda, Yamaha, KTM, Husqvarna and many others produce incredibly attractive off-road motorcycles that always come bright graphics and sticker kits that we fall in love with from the very second we see the bike.

To some extent, we almost want to be careful with the bike and not get it scratched up and damage the graphics it comes with. Sure, you can go out and buy a new sticker kit and put it on, which is why most tend to ignore it the first time these get scratched or damaged.

It is a whole other story when it comes to the plastics of the bike as these might also be replaceable, but they are indeed a lot more expensive and could stop you from riding the bike in the meantime. Luckily, there are a few ways to protect these plastics and keep them in tiptop shape, allowing the bike to look good even when no sticker kits are on it.

It is best to maintain the plastics when you are changing the sticker kit as this allows you to take them off and give them a decent overhaul while the stickers are off and you can work with them. Be sure to remove as many of the plastics as possible and start by giving them a good cleaning to get all the dirt, mud and other unwanted materials off it. Before you apply a new sticker kit, ensure that all the glue from the previous kit is entirely offered, which you’ll be doing during the plastic maintenance process anyway.

Removing Scratches

Once the plastics are all nice and clean and don’t have any oil or other substance on them, you can easily see that condition. Of course, the ideal circumstance would be a bright and shiny surface that reflects the light perfectly. If this is the case after a wash, chances are you’ll already service them, or your bike is still very new.

Unfortunately, with some terrains and even dust, these plastics can get scratched up real quick and start to look terrible within just a few weeks of riding. Therefore, it’s essential to maintain them properly when possible.

For removing scratches, the best way is to heat the plastic with a blow torch. Of course, you don’t want to go too close and burn a hole in the plastic. Instead, watch the flame up and down over the scratched area, and you will see the surface become shiny as the fine scratches melt away. This technique doesn’t work to deep scratches, but it helps bring the colour back into the plastic as well.

Buy Decent Stickers

The worst thing you can do to fresh-looking plastic it put some cheap paper-based stickers on it. These don’t last long as they tend to get bubbly and tear off the moment they get wet for the first time. Get proper vinyl that’s a bit thinker if possible, and you’re bound to see the advantage with both maintaining the plastics and keeping the stickers looking good for longer.

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