J&P Motorcycles Acquired by Revzilla

Comoto Holdings Incorporated, the parent company that operated the Revzilla brand, announced that they’d purchased J&P Cycles through aggressive acquisition. Comoto Holdings operates the Cycle Gear brand as well, allowing them to implement themselves into the global motorcycle market further. All three of their brands sell various products for global supporters of motorcycling. When Comoto Holdings Incorporated made this announcement, it was confirmed that employed executives and staff with J&P Cycles would remain with their current positions. Zach Parham, son of the founder and chief executive officer of J&P Cycles, will join the executive’s board with Comoto. This will allow all associated brand representatives with Comoto to be informed on subsequent dealings. Zach Parham took over his fathers’ company after his retirement.

Motorcyclists in the United States of America will know the J&P Motorcycles brand. It first opened in 1979 at Ormond Beach, Florida. This quickly extended their reach to the Midwest and have garnered popularity in the eastern states as well. When John Parham passed away three years ago, this motorcycling brand faced significant declines as Zach Parham spent time recovering from his father’s death. However, Zach recentred himself and increased the popularity of this brand. Receiving the assistance of Revzilla will allow J&P Motorcycles to become an international brand going forward. There still could come the day when Zach Parham completes his father’s dream of offering their own lineup of motorcycles to International consumers.

UK Forces Electric Motorcycles by 2035

J&P Motorcycles, Revzilla, Cycle Gear and Comoto Holdings Incorporated will struggle in the coming decades. It’s known that multiple governments in the European Union and North America are planning to remove all gasoline-powered vehicles by the absolute latest of 2050. The delayed response comes from Northern Americans, with Europeans acting considerably earlier. It’s known that Germany will ban all variations of gasoline-powered vehicles by 2030, which is less than a decade away. When it applies to the United Kingdom, a faster timeline was announced by Boris Johnson this week. The UK will now ban all gasoline-powered motorcycles and cars by 2035, which includes classic models as well. Owners will be forced to sell off their vehicles or keep them in inoperable condition.

This decision follows before Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, attends the COP26 Climate Summit. Held by the United Nations in Scotland, this event will have 100+ countries engage in climate solutions during November 2020. It should be noted that hybrid vehicles will be banned as well. The United Kingdom hopes that by 2050, all emissions will be terminated. Efforts like these could see climate change slowly reversed over a prolonged period.

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