Jorge Lorenzo Possibly Returning to MotoGP in 2021

The MotoGP Grid could have one of their formidable stars return for the 2021 Season. This follows after initial rumours suggested that Jorge Lorenzo would return to Ducati, under the condition that Andrea Dovizioso doesn’t resign with the factory team. Jorge Lorenzo confirmed on July 8th that he’s working with Ducati on a contingency plan for the exiting of Dovizioso. It should be mentioned that Lorenzo is currently a test driver with Ducati.

Both Jorge Lorenzo & Ducati Management clarified that Andrea Dovizioso is their primary choice for acquisition in 2021. However, delegations between these parties have sustained themselves for a prolonged timeframe. It’s known that Ducati will make one final effort in reobtaining Andrea Dovizioso for the 2021 season, where meeting rejection they’ll enact contingency plans with Jorge Lorenzo.

After this information became public knowledge amid the MotoGP Grid, it didn’t take long for Andrea Dovizioso to disregard any sentiments made by Ducati or Jorge Lorenzo. Andrea emphasized that he’d instead terminate his position for the 2021 MotoGP Season than be provided with a horrendous deal.

Ducati has requested that Andrea Dovizioso take a smaller salary amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Taking a similar position to notable athletes like Lewis Hamilton, Conor McGregor, and Novak Djokovic, the Ducati Factory Team Driver, refuses to consider a downgraded salary. This shows an evident lack of care towards Ducati’s interest, which will harbour resentment between both parties over the upcoming 2020 races.

Minor History on Jorge Lorenzo

Lorenzo adores racing in MotoGP & wouldn’t have left the sport if doctors hadn’t advised him to take a prolonged break. After almost a year of not competing professionally, the injuries holding back Jorge Lorenzo have disappeared. The Three-Time World Champion could find himself given another opportunity to acquire a 4th. It should be mentioned that Jorge Lorenzo confirmed that negotiations are finalized & nothing is inevitable but hopes his return is possible.

Those prevalent in the history of Jorge Lorenzo will be concerned by the possibility of this switch. His previous stint with Ducati in 2017 proved unfavourable for Lorenzo, prompting him to switch Mid-Season in 2018 for Honda. Supporters of Jorge Lorenzo hope history won’t repeat itself.

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