Jorge Lorenzo, a Finalist on Spain’s Masked Singer

The Spanish version of “The Masked Singer” is nearing the end of its final season, with its 4th last competitor having been voted off the show. Whenever someone is voted off the Masked Singer, they meant to reveal themselves to the audience. This week’s episode saw Jorge Lorenzo from MotoGP take off the mask, revealing himself as the Raven. It shocked the judges & participating audience members. Jorge Lorenzo has acquired the MotoGP Championship on three occasions, proving himself an iconic rider that’s historically ranked with the best in MotoGP.

Lorenzo has competed for Honda, Ducati, and Yamaha before retiring from MotoGP. Last year marked Jorge’s final season in MotoGP. It was planned for Lorenzo to return alongside Yamaha as a test rider for 2020. However, those plans were made before Covid-19 became an international pandemic. Lorenzo wouldn’t be provided ample opportunity to sustain his position as Yamaha Test Driver, with four hours sustained before the partnership fell through behind closed doors.

Seeing Jorge Lorenzo reach the finale of Spain’s Masked Singer wasn’t anticipated. When questioned about his experience, the three-time champion of MotoGP expressed it was unforgettable & unique to previous competitions in his life. Similar to his career in MotoGP, Jorge Lorenzo’s time in the Masked Singer was short-lived. Lorenzo sustained eleven seasons in MotoGP before retiring, which is considered low for competitors of his calibre. His career sustained nine years with Yamaha Racing, beginning in 2008 & ending by 2017. Lorenzo obtained placement with Ducati for the 2017/18 season. After acquiring only three podiums with Ducati over two campaigns, Jorge Lorenzo switched to Honda Racing for 2019.

Injury at Honda

That decision proved unfavourable for Lorenzo, who would experience an ill-fated injury & fail to obtain a top-ten placement throughout the 2019 season. After MotoGP ended their 2019 campaign, Jorge Lorenzo announced his retirement from professional racing. Thousands worldwide have rallied for the Spanish racer to return to racing. However, Jorge Lorenzo is unlikely to return permitting that Marc Marquez is still competing.

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