Jawa Moto Sold Fifty Thousand Units in India During 2020

November 2020 had investors with Jawa Motorcycles thrilled at incredible growth. The “Classic Legends Lineup” had been exported from Czechoslovakia to India, Jawa Motorcycles primary market. Indian’s adopted Jawa into their mainstream vehicles since 1973, with popularity dwindling from 2000 to 2018. The Covid-19 pandemic prompted investors & executives with Jawa Motorcycles to anticipate lower sale volumes. Consideration of the financial fallout for standard Indian consumers wasn’t accounted into lowered quarterly expectations. Cars, SUVs, and Trucks have been sold at exponential rates to dealers across India.

Consumers have elected two-wheeled vehicles for cost savings measures during the pandemic. Subsequently, Jawa Motorcycles has sold 50+ thousand vehicles since November 2019. Sale volumes didn’t decline when the epidemic prompted international lockdowns, furloughed jobs, and fewer finances for the average consumers. Jawa Motorcycles also combatted numerous productions concerns during the Covid-19 pandemic & proved their brand still reputable since rebranding themselves in December 2018. 50+ thousand motorcycles sold is also their highest volume since the rebranding, which previous averages were sustaining 30+ thousand vehicles sold per year.

The Chief Executive Officer of Jawa Motorcycles – India Division, spoke on the unexpected increase in sale volumes. CEO Ashish Singh Joshi clarified that everyone employed at the Indian Division of Jawa is proud of achieving incredible sales in a short period. Most aren’t aware that the “Classic Legends Lineup” in Czechoslovakia became an entire brand for India. Jawa Motorcycles didn’t rebrand themselves with the same name, changing themselves over to “Classic Legends Motorcycles”. This rebranding proved favourable with overall sales & unparalleled growth compared to their previous namesake.

New Models, Continued Growth

CEO Ashish Singh Joshi believes that “Classic Legends Motorcycles” will continue to experience unparalleled growth from 2021 to 2022. Investors have been given new expectations for sale volumes with the upcoming fiscal year, with predictions suggestion 100+ motorcycles being sold to Indian consumers. New iterations of models seen throughout 2020 are releasing in-order to garner that additional growth. Consumers will be permitted to select between the 2021 CLM Perak, 2021 CLM Forty-Two, and 2021 CLM Jawa. Pre-orders for these vehicles are expected to become available between January & February for Indian consumers.

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