Installing a Foam Mousse Tube

There are so many things that make your dirt bike easier to maintain and allow you to get more out of it, no matter where you ride. One such addition would be the Mousse tube, which completely replaces your tube with a foam tube, which cannot get a puncher as there’s no air involved whatsoever.

These are brilliant for all trains, including mountain roads, motocross and much more, allowing you to enjoy the trails and racing without having to worry about getting a flat. Many people install a Mousse in both the front and back, but for those who prefer having a bit more feel in the front, you do have the option of installing a Mousse only in the back, giving you the best of both worlds.

Below, we look at the process of installing a Mousse, which can get a little tricky if you don’t use the right technique. Luckily, you won’t need a whole lot of tools, but it does help to have the right tire levers and loads of them. In fact, to make things easier, be sure to have around 4 or 5 of these levers. Of course, the lubrication that comes with the Mousse also plays an important role.

Lube the Mousse

The most important thing to make the Mousse last is to give it more than enough lube as this avoids it getting hot. Use half the tube of lube on the inside of the tire and the other half on the Mousse itself and ensure you get an even layer and cover all the possible places.

Take the Mousse and place part of it in the tire and then use your foot to press it in. This works best to get at least three-quarters of the Mousse in and the last part you can only use your hands to bend it and pop it right in.

Getting the Tire On

To get started, place the bottom bead of the tire into the rim lock on the rim. From there, you’ll need to start using a little force and get your tire levers to pull the bottom bead over the rim slowly. Use more than one lever to make it easier.

Once the first bead is on the rim, push the tire down the rim as far as you can to get to Mousse into place and make the last part of the job easier. When you start with the top bead, start with the rim lock side again and ensure you get toe bead to sit right there first. This is where you’ll use multiple levers and pull over the bead about 2 inches at a time while leaving the lever in place.

Once you’ve done about 10 inches, remove the second level you used and use it to get more of the bead on. Be sure to leave a lever in each quarter of the tire, which prevents it from popping off as you get to the other side of the rim.

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