Iconic North American Rides

Blue Ridge Parkway- North Carolina and Virginia

This mountain route must be on every biker’s to-do list. Starting in Virginia in the north and passing by battlefields of the Civil War, it winds its way through picturesque farmlands and forests. On the way south and to higher ground, and into the Great Smoky Mountains, The Blue Ridge Parkway is a wondrous winding road with plenty of bike-loving curves and twists. With the low-speed limit, the ride allows bikers to enjoy the passing scenery to Asheville in North Carolina. For those with more time on their hands, an extension to the trip is the detour of 105 miles Skyline Drive through the Shenandoah National Park.

Natchez Trace Parkway – Alabama and Mississippi

This route takes riders from Natchez to Nashville, from Mississippi to Tennessee. This road is safer for bikers as no commercial vehicles are permitted and traffic is light, and the lack of stoplights and signs make for smooth, comfortable rides. The surface of the road is well maintained with few “surprises” allowing for a smooth, kidney saving ride! This 444-mile trip passes by magnificent scenery, farmlands and forests.

At places of interest, there are view sites and rest spots and toilet facilities at convenient intervals. There is no shortage of filling stations, shops and eating places. Off-shoot by roads can take the interested history biker past Victorian and pre-war homes, and Civil War battle sites and for those who are seeking a leisurely ride there are many places to spend the night in comfort.

Pacific Coast Highway

This ride skirts the Pacific Coast, often along the cliff edges and fascinating scenery with magnificent beaches with basking marine mammals and forests of ancient redwood trees, with beautifully winding roads with enough s-bends and twists to please the free-spirited rider! This section of the route covers 120 miles of the Highway.

As this road is busy over weekends and holidays, riders must choose their dates wisely for the safest days. For riders wanting a longer ride, The Pacific Highway 1 is 655 miles of scenic wonders. Starting at the Golden Gate Bridge, this is also as wonderful as the shorter ride, with scenery that is out of this world! For those taking a slow trip, there are many facilities to suit everyone looking for a place to a sleepover.

The Grand Staircase

Starting in Panguitch in Utah and riding US Route 89 South, and on to Route 12, this 125-mile ride should be taken slowly and restfully. There are awe-inspiring scenes to please the discerning tourist past Bryce Canyon and Capitol Reef National park where one will find the fantastic Petrified Forest State Park to please those in the ancient past of North America. The arid landscape is beautiful in itself with buttes, cliffs and canyons there for the viewing.

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