Honda Motorcycles Reveals CB650R & CB500x Models

Competition has become severe for “Royal Enfield Motorcycles”, with Honda revitalizing the CB Series. Various models released under the CB Series were meant to compete against Royal Enfield during the 1960s & 1970s directly. When the REM brand became less prominent throughout the following decades, it didn’t take long for both Hondas & REMs respective models to become desirable classics. When announced that Royal Enfield Motorcycles had made a prominent return to the European & American marketspaces, Honda didn’t hesitate to report their competing lineup. The Honda CB650R & Honda CB500x have been confirmed, focusing on the nostalgia factor from the 60s to 70s.

Honda Motorcycles hasn’t shied away from the fact they’re going after Royal Enfield, working diligently to acquire their customers & eliminate what market share that REM has received. This won’t be challenging for Honda to accomplish with the CB650R & CB500x, which support larger power outputs than the Royal Enfield. It was initially expected from rumours that Honda was designing their updated CB Series after the “Rebel 300” or “Bullet 350”. Consumers interested in Honda’s latest motorcycles were pleased to learn that a fresh perspective has been taken with the CB650R & CB500x.

This means that new components, structural frames, power engine units, and much more. The approach to design & speed is entirely different when comparing the 1960s to 70s CB Series. This lineup saw a classic design with low power units. Honda has determined that powerful engines & conservative aesthetics are required for their latest motorcycles. Customers familiar with the CB Series couldn’t have asked for a better recreation, which will be drastically concerning for Royal Enfield. Evolution on design to performance is evident with the CB650R & CB500x, while REM took a more straightforward approach that has seen minor criticism from dedicated supporters of their brand.

Cost & Profit

It’s this factor that could enable Honda Motorcycles to overtake Royal Enfield in market share across the United Kingdom, European Union, and the United States. Those considering purchasing the Honda CB650R will require $10,000.00 after taxes to obtain this motorcycle. The Honda CB500x is priced lower than at $8,000.00 after taxes. With the minimal cost, it’s expected that Honda Motorcycles will earn 30% profit or lower on each sale.

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