Heading Off-Road? Choose These Entry Level Boots

Whether you’re on a dirt bike, quad or taking your adventure bike off-road, having protection for your feet, ankles and shins are very important. There are various objects that would do some real damage that you won’t commonly find on the road, which is why it’s well worth investing in boots.

The great thing is, you don’t have to go spend huge amounts of cash on the best brands an many now provide excellent protection for under $150. These boots aren’t only great for riding but they also offer a comfortable and secure fit for on-road use as well.

While all of the boots mentioned below are similar in many ways, they certainly have their own unique benefits that would make a difference to your particular requirements. We go over some of the best entry-level options below, allowing you to see the differences and how they can work for you.

O’Neal Element – $149

The O’Neal Element boot is a great choice for riders who want great protection, save some money and don’t mind getting black boots as it’s the only color they come in. This is an excellent example of a decent entry-level boot that provides great styling with white stitching and a molded sole design with additional padding over the toes and shin area. It provides a very comfortable fit but tends to be a little tight at first, meaning you’ll need to wear it in for the perfect fit.

Thor Blitz – $139

Right off the bat, the Thor Blitz boot provides more options, including 4 colors that allow you to choose according to your kit. In terms of protection, the boot actually offers a similar range of features at a $10 lower price tag.

It provides a traditional stitched on sole and includes the metal plate on the toes. It also has excellent shin protection with the shin plate and provides 3 straps to keep the boot secure. It’s also quite stiff as a new boot, which might call for some adjustment once you’ve had it on a few times.

Answer AR1 – $139

The Answer AR1 boot comes in at a great price but offers a better range of features compared to the boots mentioned above.

There’s a lot that stands out on the boot, especially in comparison to the other boots. Firstly, it’s a bit flatter to provide more control and allow you to really grip onto the bike. It also offers a bigger opening at the top that allows you to use slip-in knee guards without making it too tight, making it a great choice for those who want to use a full MX kit.

The boot offers a lot more protection and comfort, not just with heat protection around the calf, but with a special designed D3O light in-sole with shock absorbing. It also offers a much nicer interior with additional padding and material that’s sure to last longer.

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