Harley Davidson Donates LiveWire Motorcycle for COVID-19 Relief

The coronavirus pandemic has forced alterations onto the daily lifestyles of civilians, local businesses, and massive corporations. Most are doing their part to limit the epidemic by social distancing & donating to research or relief funds. This extends towards significant corporations like Harley-Davidson, who announced that they’d be auctioning off a LiveWire Electric Motorcycle. It’s become their most popular motorcycle in 2020, with this auctioned model receiving customized paint job and components.

Its standard value on the market is $45,000.00. It’s expected that $75,000.00 or more will be earned for this model. All funds received will be immediately donated to the United Way Worldwide COVID-19 Relief Fund. It should be noted that Harley-Davidson is permitting a maximum of 500 Customized LiveWire Electric Motorcycles, meaning availability for worldwide consumers is limited.

The crew behind this customized Harley-Davidson LiveWire implemented the full catalogue of carbon fibre panelling, parts, and accessories for this model. That immediately puts another $10,000.00 onto the standard cost of this motorcycle. Its paint scheme included a light green & grey, resembling classic vehicles from the 1940s. This crew finalized the customization process by putting a unique & one-of-a-kind Harley-Davidson Badge Signature onto the back panel.

The Auctions Terms & Conditions

The winner of this auction will be the highest spender, who will also obtain travel & accommodations to the Milwaukee Harley-Davidson Museum. It’s here they’ll be presented with the vehicle, upon which they’ll be provided with a private tour. The owner will then see the location of where this LiveWire will sit when they pass. One of the conditions for buying this motorcycle is returning it to the Harley-Davidson Museum, as it holds historical value on two levels. It’s the 1st customized and auctioned LiveWire in existence, which is also being done during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Whoever obtains this vehicle will be donating towards the perfect cause. The USA Division of United Way is requesting assistance from those capable. Their requests include financial aid, housing & food. Harley-Davidson will provide United Way will all three of those requests through this auctioned donation.

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