Harley-Davidson Confirm the 1250cc Pan America

The Pan American 1250cc Motorcycle from Harley-Davidson has been detailed, with information released providing users an official release month. This cycle will release in the United States & Canada in February 2021, marking the end of continued delays that plagued this motorcycles release.

It’s been three years since Harley-Davidson first announced the Pan American 1250cc, with minor information regarding its manufacturing & design not being provided for years. That changed following the Covid-19 Pandemic, with HD Motorcycles working to renovate their brand & acquire customers across growing markets worldwide. Harley-Davidson has confirmed that an official trailer is releasing on January 19th, with the 1250cc Pan American arriving on February 22nd.

Consumers witness firsthand how this motorcycle looked & drove during the 2019 EICMA Expo. Harley-Davidson allowed the cycle to be showcased in it’s near-production form. Customers anticipated the vehicle would release weeks later. That wouldn’t be the case, with the Covid-19 Pandemic breaking out worldwide days after EICMA 2019 ended. Since then, information regarding the Harley-Davidson 1250cc Pan American has been minimal. That was until December 14th, with the corporate division of HD Motorcycles release new images of the Pan American in Europe. It confirms that Harley-Davidson received their Euro5 Legislation to release models across the European Union. This means an exponential level of growth is coming for this brand.

European Shockwave

Fans of Harley-Davidson were first introduced to the Pan American 1250cc in Summer 2018. It prompted multiple shockwaves throughout EICMA, then the entire industry. Nobody anticipated that HD Motorcycles would announce an updated & enhanced water-cooled engine with polarising capabilities. This prominent advancement in manufacturing has made this cycle desirable to consumers worldwide, with notable interest amongst European residents. It’s expected that Harley-Davidson’s 1250cc Pan American will outsell anticipated volumes in Europe, with the motorcycling market in the EU growing tenfold during Covid-19.

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