Fabio Quartararo Ready for 2020 MotoGP Championship

The 2020 MotoGP Championship arrives on July 19th, with organizers scheduling thirteen races into less than four months. This revised calendar begins in Spain, with all eyes moving towards a new driver that dominated the 2019 season. Fabio Quartararo knows he’ll be reviewed throughout all thirteen races, ensuring that his skillsets are strong enough to sustain placement with Yamaha. Motorsport reporters have begun questioning Fabio on his thoughts towards the upcoming season, with sentiments indicating a level of eagerness that hasn’t ever been seen by Quartararo.

The Green Flag in Jerez will drop shortly, with MotoGP teams having two weeks to complete their production on new motorcycles for the 2020 Season. Fabio Quartararo is working diligently with Petronas Yamaha SRT, which is the subsidiary brand to Yamaha’s Factory Team. Fabio continues to work with engineers to ensure his 2020 Motorcycle exceeds expectations, which will help ensure his placement for the next two seasons with Yamaha’s Factory Team. It’ll also help guarantee that fans of Valentino Rossi won’t immediately dismiss Fabio Quartararo for contention in the 2021/22 MotoGP Championships.

Training for Return

When questioned on what was accomplished during the lockdown period, Fabio Quartararo mentioned that he continuously worked on home-based cardio. This was the primary form of exercise available to motorcyclists during the pandemic lockdown. Fabio remarked that after the lockdown restrictions in Andorra were lifted, regular training with his motocross bike was initiated. These pre-emptive moves have enabled Fabio Quartararo to remain mentally & physically prepared for the upcoming 2020 season.

Under these conditions, Fabio anticipated that he’d recover usual pacing without many challenging to his overall lap time during qualifying. Quartararo mentioned that the one issue awaiting all personnel in MotoGP with Jerez is the weather. Conditions are different than what’s typically seen, with temperatures in April considerably lower than July. All MotoGP Teams must focus on not overheating their motorcycles while still obtaining peak performance. This challenge is hard to overcome for any team in moto racing.

The question becomes which challenge will be harder for Fabio Quartararo. Will is be overcoming Valentino Rossi’s legacy with Yamaha’s Factory Team or hurdling over different weather conditions at ever conventional & unconventional track in the 2020 MotoGP Season.

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