Custom Ducati SR2 from Kickass Tuning

The influx of customized motorcycles has increased by 45% since 2015. Numerous manufacturing shops have opened to cater to motorcyclists worldwide. This includes Kickass Tuning, a customizable shop operated in Estonia. They released their Ducati SR2 – Custom, which has an emphasis on Italian design. Whoever purchases this specialized model will acquire an 803cc engine, similar to the 2015-Edition of the Ducati SR2 Monster 800. An Air-Cooled L Twin controls this powerhouse-engine with a High-Zoot Slipper Clutch. Subsequently, you receive a vehicle that can make 60mph is less than two seconds.

When the updated 2019 Ducati SR2 was released, it wasn’t a consumer favourite and saw declining sales. This was because it implemented a lower-grade 600cc engine, which was considerably lower than the previous iterations of this motorcycle. The Ducati Goldilocks Monster SR2 – 2005, offered more than 1000cc with 800 horsepower. This prompted the Estonian-based custom shop to create a specialized version of the 2019 Ducati SR2. Included with this upgraded was an entirely new paint job, which implemented a deep green hue. However, this extended to a new gas tank that was completed by new handling-bars and gold-plated rims — adding to the luxurious nature of this motorcycle, Kickass Tuning adding a Gucci-embroiled leather saddle. Slight alterations were also made to the panelling, providing a super-sport essence to the 2019 Ducati SR2.

Additional Details on the Ducati SR2

The original parts kept with this model include the Single-Sided Swingarm, Upside-Down Forks, Wheels, Read Subframe and Suspension. However, all original parts have been coated in gold-powder and have been lowered by Kickass Tuning. This provided a bobber-style drive when engaging with highway or city driving. Kickass Tuning noted that for an agreed-upon price, shock-extensions could be implemented. This means consumers could lift the shocks, acquiring a super-sport mode to the Ducati SR2. Subsequently, whoever purchases this specialized model will have multiple uses for this model.

Additional upgrades to this custom Ducati SR2 include an AI-Assisted Speedometer. This speedometer enables riders to receive their GPS Directions, Radio Controls, Motorcycle Systems and overall speed. Kickass Tuning placed low-end mirrors on their customized handlebars, which extended to a similar design with the front fender. The result is a motorcycle that doesn’t resemble its older-counterpart. Those parting to purchase the Kickass Tuning-Ducati SR2 can apply for the waiting list today. Kickass Tuning confirmed that it would take upwards of twelve months to create a custom SR2 and that paint jobs could be altered going forward.

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