Counting Down to the 2019 Opening Day of the Black Bike Week Rally

Most say the 2018 Black Bike Week was the best, ever, but then that is what is said every year after the week in which both South Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle beach was packed, and every biker had a ball. This is the time of the year when the strip is crazy busy and packed until 5 am, clubs are packed, and every single one has a fabulous time.

There is no doubt that Black Bike Week is growing year after year and more people come to enjoy the no haters, no noise ordinances and no helmet laws, to be more precise well over 500,000 hits the Myrtle Beach area for partying and non-stop fun that lasts for four days.

Atlantic Beach Bikefest

Called Atlantic Beach Bikefest or Black Bikers Week this annual rally that takes place at Myrtle Beach keeps evolving and attracts thousands of both motorcycling and non-motorcycling visitors to a week of socialising, having fun on the beach and enjoying the music. Black Bikers Week is the largest motorcycle rally of African Americans, at first, Myrtle Beach hosted white motorcycle rallies from the 1940s up to 2008. At first, it was two rallies run back to back. The Black Bike Week attracted 375,000 by 2002 while the Harley-Davidson week had 200,000 attendees.

Black Bikers Week originated during the 1960s when some Harley-Davidson riders that are black visited Atlantic Beach, so at first, the weeklong rally was called the Atlantic Beach Memorial rally, in 1980 it attracted 100 attendees. While the state Supreme Court heard many arguments during the years that Black Bike Week continued, many rules changed, and the noise limit was changed several times. The 2014 shootings were unusual in which three was killed as the police reported that minor offences increase during the four-day rally and they witness several motorcycle crashes, but violent offences were never part of the festivities.

2019 Black Bike Week Rally

The 2019 Black Bike Week Rally dates are predicted although not officially announced yet, so far, the Myrtle Beach celebrations will take place from Friday the 24th of May 2019. Once these dates are confirmed the hotels will quickly fill up with bookings and the party spots on the strip will be established. In South Carolina, Myrtle Beach offers black bikers much more than just the freedom to ride up, and down the coastline, the line-up of entertainment includes music, partying and all-day-and-night socialising.

The event is all about profiling, styling and riding according to major Irene Armstrong and one cannot but wonder how many will turn up for the biker event of the year in 2019, which is around 250 to 280 days away. If anyone believed that the 23-mile traffic loop would put bikers off the increase in attendance, have proved that Black Bikers Week is constantly growing in popularity.

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